Time to mandate Canadian QB's

Gone are the days of Frank Cosentino (the great Hamilton Canadian QB of the 60s) and Russ Jackson (amongst the best CFL qbs in history. Period! Plus solid rounders like D'Attilio.
I'm old enough to remember the 70-71 Manitoba Bisons winning the CIS title and their QB was a very solid, smart guy named Bob Kraemer. Kraemer was prolly as smart as any CFL QB and he did get signed by the Bombers as a slotback/ WR. holder & punter. This was just after the Bombers ran out of QBs (Ken Ploen was physically destroyed, retiring in '68, Bill Van Burkleo was inferior to Ploen (most guys were). Kraemer was given a chance but his side to sideline velocity was well below average; too many DBs had far too much time to react to his tosses so he only got a few reps at QB in Wpg. Instead, the tall foreheads in Wpg brought in slugs & hobos like John Schneider, Benji Dial & the like. Kraemer might have actually fared better but by 1970 the bomber lineup had been decimated by old age, retirement and the worst curse of all - bad management and rodawful recruitment. . . ! ! !

Billy Robinson unfortunately had Clements and Halloway to contend with in Ottawa for instance but unlike Kraemer had the strongest arm between the three but didn't get the chance .

Those two were outstanding first division QB's but the lack of opportunity has continued now to second tier second division guys with crappy arms with little or low pocket presence now getting chances over our guys who actually were successful on the larger field .

Ottawa needs to go after both the Canucks and fight for it . I will be there for the learning curve .

If your going to lose I would rather go down with OUR soldiers not the foreign legion .

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Meant $50k

I believe Jamie Bone wasn't even given a playbook to go through when he was trying out for the Ti-Cats.

During the Harold Ballard years of the Ti-Cats, he railed against having Canadian players on the roster, wanted to make the CFL NFL lite. What hope would a Canadian have at the QB position.

While the idea of mandating a Canadian QB should always be pursued, it's important for U Sports to improve the quality of each of their sports they offer along with a quality Canadian education.

That might be a way to retain Canadian athletes, improvement of facilities.

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Jamie Bone was one of the rare Canadian QBs who had a legitimate beef at not being given a proper shot at the position.

There’s other names that have been mentioned over the years who just didn’t measure up but used the “won’t play a Canadian at QB” as an exuse for their shortcomings

There is only couple in Mike O'Shea and maybe Khari Jones that has dual citizenship, the rest are American as apple pie.

You can't count O'Connor as ex-NCCA, he transferred to UBC from Penn State, won a Vanier Cup and he he was drafted as a Canadian USPORT prospect. O'Connor had a cup of coffee in Happy Valley.

Canadian QBs are never given a chance like Chris Marchant and Hugo Richard. Marchant has to play in Europe while Richard retired

Rick Campbell is Canadian

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For those who believe a 3rd QB who is mandated to be Canadian are you also saying that should the 2 other QBs go down then the club must play the Canadian?

I wouldn't say must.

But if both the starter and backup go down to injury in the same game, then hopefully the third-string Canadian QB would be the best choice rather than some American (or Global) who plays another position.

If we're talking the starter goes down in week 2 and then the backup goes down in week 3, then I would certainly want the coaches/GMs to be able to sign other nationality QBs and play them as they see fit.

I'd hope, though, that after 5-6 seasons of a National QB being on the active roster that he'd have developed enough to be a solid choice for injury replacement.

I think the main reason Canadian born QBs might crack CFL lineups are technique/ability as much as citizenship. The paltry few Canadian university football teams have begun incorporating pro-style offenses into their programs. Their coaches have begun increasing their knowledge base due to internet films & working with pro level coaches at various camps. Men are men - the kids who decide to play QB thru bantam to high-school to juniors/college are getting faster, stronger & bigger. The only thing they lack is that extra polish that great coaching and rigorous competition gives them. Remember, most Canadian college teams play their games before 300 to 2,500 fans, mostly student designates assigned to take in the games out of obligation. Top 60 to 80 American colleges have crowds of 30,000 to 80,000. Thats a huge difference in interest. American student athletes at the top level get huge "scholarships" that are more than just class credits. Some Canadian colleges offer "class credits" but no real cash or merchandise incentives.
A kid with real talent will be bundled up and shipped south faster than Rod Black can say Jiminy Cricket.
Still lots of obstacles!

Nice post Lyle. Had to fall back on the whole tiresome hate Rod Black thing for no reason but good post nevertheless.

It is important to note that we now how 2 of 9 teams keeping a Canadian QB on board in a very real fashion.