Time to mandate Canadian QB's

Concerning the thread starter, where is Lyle? Haven’t seen him in a few weeks. Another banned member?

Was wondering why he’s not commenting on the SC playoffs .

Brandon Bridge: it’s been over 100 years in this league and they did not respect a Canadian QB
3Down Staff 3downnation March 14, 2020

Brandon Bridge feels some type of way about how the Canadian Football League looked at Canadian quarterbacks.

“It’s been over 100 years of this league and they did not respect the Canadian QB,” Bridge said on The Rod Pedersen Show (start at 24:15).

It appears Bridge has traded in a football for police badge. However, Bridge still left a memorable mark in the pro three-down game: Canadian quarterbacks are included in the ratio due to his work.

“I think I coulda left a bigger stamp — I was able to make a change. I got a lot of people around me, even Americans, saying I should push for that. Some said there might be backlash because owners and general managers might not want it, but I was urged to push for it,” Bridge said.

“If I had to be a sacrificial lamb for younger generations to get the opportunity, then it is what it is. I’m not comparing myself to Colin Kaepernick but he stood up for something and didn’t care what could happen. I didn’t want younger generations to jump the same barriers that I had to. I hope they can leave a bigger footprint than I did.”

Bridge spent the 2017 and 2018 seasons in Saskatchewan after signing with the Riders in August 2016. During 2018, Bridge played in eight games, completing 82-of-131 passes for 804 yards with one touchdown and three interceptions. He also rushed 25 times for 110 yards. Saskatchewan didn’t offer Bridge a contract prior to free agency.

“If the CFL gives me what I want financially, then I’ll do it but if not, I don’t see why. It doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve gotta think about my lifestyle, like what’s gonna happen now moving forward?” Bridge said.

“I know my worth. I came into games, won games, and coming from a handicap of being down 17, 10 (points), whatever the case may be, and I showcased myself pretty well, I’d have to say. I feel like I have more positive games than negative games than a lot of other QBs that are on teams right now.”

The South Alabama product has shown intriguing potential, especially in 2017. Bridge started in Week 13 for the Riders in Hamilton and guided the team to a victory with 231 passing yards and three touchdowns. Two weeks later, he came off the bench to lead a comeback win against Toronto, finishing 20-of-28 for 292 yards and two touchdowns.

“I can still play football. I honestly feel like I can still compete. Personally I feel like I’d be at least the second-best option on any CFL team now at least. I actually feel that in my heart but with the police, you have benefits and pension and that’s what we all want, a salary,” Bridge said.

Overall that season, Bridge passed for 1,236 yards with a 66.6 completion percentage (92-of-138) and 10 touchdowns compared to just four interceptions while adding 20 carries for 127 yards and one rushing touchdown during the 2017 season. He sparked the Riders offence in the East Final, completing 11-of-21 passes for 141 yards and one touchdown in the team’s defeat. The TD toss was the first by a Canadian in a post-season game since Russ Jackson in the 1969 Grey Cup.

“It’s gonna go downhill, honestly. Unless we actually give each other a true chance. The Canadian QB actually is a dying breed right now because kids are going to school and saying ‘Why am I going to play QB?’” Bridge said.

“You’re going to see bad football because kids will say: ‘What’s the point of going to this school or that school?’ Everyone’s going to play offensive line or defensive line because they’ll actually get a fair chance. I think it’s going to die out soon.”


Brandon Bridge received contract offers this off-season. He just wanted a better deal than any team was offfering. Thus, he decided to persue other opportunities. Not exactly unheard of in the CFL.


Anyone know where Chris Merchant is now. Edit: Now I remember.

Western QB Chris Merchant to sign with Wasa Royals of Vaahteraliiga
John Hodge 3downnation February 11, 2020

Right now the back up QB position this season has never been stronger!

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Is Merchant already in Europe?
Even when Canada and the U.S. Are able to be this pandemic under control.
2.0 initiative is him a need to be put on hold. Or at least it should be!
Flying in players from Europe and Asia would not be the best idea.

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It'd be safer to allow players from Japan, Finland, and Mexico than from the US.

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Mandating Canadian QBs seems to have moved down the list of CFL priorities. Staying alive and conducting a 2021 season is now the CFL's #1 Hot Topic . . . ! ! !

With so many break thru international level athletes and Canadians playing at top levels in all pro and amateur sports it is getting ridiculous we can't play our own version of football .

Nobody in the world but us play this version of football but we can't play at QB .

Now if a Canadian breaks thru and succeeds at QB at the NFL level and never stops at the CFL level this maybe the CFL's Waterloo .

Love the league but do not care for it's inability to propagate itself into producing home grown talent to entertain the country it's suppose to represent as this countries pro league .

Watched a ton of US talent suck these last few weeks . I think we put too much stock in the mass production versus handmade appeal to produce a product that can be both entertaining and authentically Canadian .

I think that as a whole - Canadians are getting better at QB. Rourke and O'Connor are in position to grow (Argo's gave up too soon) and the kid at University of Waterloo is ranked in the first round for the 2022 draft. There is an improvement in whole at the QB position so maybe a roster spot is more fitting now than it was before as more are being developed better than in years past.

I totally agree with this thread. If the CFL hasn't already done so they ought to mandate that Canadian QB's be Canadian.

Thank you. :partying_face: :boom: :maple_leaf:

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if you want Canadian QBs to play, you also need to have Canadian head coaches to allow them to play. The US coaches have their biases and that is the reason you don't see Canadian QBs

We do have Canadian coaches and they are only biased by the fact they have to start Canadians, they don't have a choice.
The QB is the most important player on the field and that should never be part of the ratio.
The two Canadian QBs in the CFL earned their way to be on the starting rosters, they should be proud of the fact that they did this without the help of a ratio.
Both of these QBs are ex-NCAA and faced stronger, faster, better coached defenses than a CIS QB would ever face.

I’m for it but skeptical. Not sure it would work, or be practical.
Would be nice though....We could use a few more Gerry D’atillios

I think the next step is simply allowing for a third QB on the active roster, as long as he's Canadian.

Sounds reasonable if it’s affordable.

If they make it an option rather than a mandate, then it's up to each team to decide on affordability. Perhaps they could make that position exempt from the cap.

If something happened to Collaros in Wpg I think Bridge would come into play - and could write his own contract. Sean Maguire is simply not yet a competent CFL QB. Other options for Bombers would be 1. Best available NFL cut (a 4th or 5th guy, not very appetizing), 2. Bridge, 3. Tebow (but Tim is a headline whore, his throwing motion even worse than Chris Streveller!

My belief is there have been Canadian QB's that never had the chance to compete over the years .

If they were developed properly they would have had a CFL career .

Everywhere in every sport we are breaking new barriers in sport but for us not to be able to actually QB at the CFL level during this boom period I find it suspect to say the least .