Time to mandate Canadian QB's

Good idea dePop re: keeping them rostered in their rookie year to give them a supposed leg up. I’d also extend it to their sophmore year - in the spirit of continuity. If you keep the same guy - you don’t have his salary count against the cap in year 2 - but if you rotate guys, the salary counts and you lose the roster exemption.

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Woah, a whole $50?

Take it easy on them.

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Methinx I left off the k, meaning $50,000 - a special salary number I conjured up that wouldn’t count against the cap nor the roster ratio. Just a mandated (no option) add for the 9 (or 10) CFL franchises!

…in this hypothetical world I’d mandate this special QB’s salary to be at least $200,000…that way teams might feel the need to play the guy…

Im not sure mandating a Canadian QB will work or pass.
However, Including the QBs in the game day ratio. Having a Canadian QB as one of the three count towards the ratio would have teams lean towards carrying a Canadian QB that is of equal potential, talent, etc. If its close or even.
There are enough Canadian Qbs out there now to do this edpecially if said QB is a young 3rd string guy. Who can start as the short yardage guy.
ex. Buckley wen in Calgary.
Before that Sinnopoli,
Currently Hugo Richard in Montreal as a Rookie opposed to a fly by night American of similar age exp etc.

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Given how few CFL QBs go south not certain that, even given what Manziel may have just pulled, the description “fly by night” applies to International QBs.

Johnny football is the ultimate ex of fly by night. With the play me & pay or im leaving mentality.
But most are fly by night guys with good intentions. But come to the CFL as a yunger QB. And for many variables things just dont work out & they decide to leave. Often times just making a career change from pro football while they are still young and have a college degree

Frank Cosentino’s A Passing Game contains a quote by CFL lifer Mike McCarthy about the attitude towards playing the Canadian pivot: “he might be Canadian, American, Chinese, Martian, or even Irish; if he’s good enough to play, he’ll play.”

Sorry if I misspell McCarthy.

I may be arguing against myself but

  1. The current state of CFL quarterbacks is flaccid, at best

  2. If you don’t put the best of flaccid on CFL rosters you may as well kiss any chance of Canadian kids developing into the quarterback position to rest.

I agree with most CFL GMs, Randy A., 90% of Cdn. media, most fans & posters that current canadian QB pool is rubbish, at best.

But if you wanna move the needle you gotta start somewhere!

You are speaking in fork tongue .

I think the mens game for American and Canadian kids are the same .
You either have it or you don’t when facing the older meaner pro players.

I watched the great Johnny Manziel have trouble throwing a ball with accuracy after 20 yards and have seen other NCAA division 1 wonder kids look like they never played before and had trouble throwing in a CFL game .

While I watched some of the greatest QB game management play three down game in my lifetime by Laval , McMaster and Queens QB’s ( Brannagan just in case I need to clarify who) . The 2009 season was spectacular for Danny . Speaking of Frank Cosentino ; Brannagan was the first Canadian since Frank played in 69 to take a snap for the Argos .

Dunnigan also said Tommy Denison should have been given a better chance . Never saw him play so I can’t speak on him .

Jim Barker the GM of the Argos said Brannagan should have been given a better chance to develop as he has all the tools . He argued the current CFL rules work against Canadian QB’s .

I don’t think it’s about skill . It’s the mind set .

It’s about a Canadian kid who has a legitimate degree who went to University and happen to play football versus many Americans who went to play football and happened to go to University .

It’s the mental jump for our CIS guys . I think they have the physical tools they just need time to develop and be happy leaving their degrees gather dust .

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The idea that teams would keep a 3rd-string Canadian QB they have no plans to play or develop on the roster is overblown. CFL rosters allow 16 International starters, that’s not going to change if team’s employ a National QB as part of the ratio.

The league could get around this issue by requiring only 2 QB’s on the roster. Then if team’s want to carry a Designated Import or National as the 3rd QB, that would be up to them. It wouldn’t make any more sense for team’s to dress phony QB than they’d dress phony Safety’s or Receivers they have no intention on playing.

Why would a league initiative to develop Canadians to play OUR game be circumvented by the league who initiated it .

Who wants a token Canadian Qb ? No one .

Every team in the CFL needs a third string QB the injury bug requires a third string QB who is competent .

I don’t see why I have to suffer thru a incompetent third string American QB because he played in the NFL or somewhere else while a CIS kid won a Vanier Cup and is given 0 opportunity to compete on equal footing . You would think the Canadian playing our rules at a higher competency would get a proper chance to perform .

This is a CFL problem not a Canadian can’t play QB problem .

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Now that is well said. There are not just Canadian QBs in the CIS. There are many who have been plucked outa Canada in HS to play in US at NCAA programs.
As under the new rule there are even more who have dual Canadian & US citizenship.

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Not sure why they sent guys away from there university area for camp purposes .

Ottawa U guy going to Winnipeg Blue Bomber camp while Manitoba guy going to Saskatchewan camp ?

Now with the new CBA mandating one Mexican player, it’s now definitely time and I am surprised it did not include a 3rd string QB Canadian designation.
I suppose there is some hope as the QB position involving a homegrown now will count towards the Canadian limit.

All I can do is shake my head at this high-level manifestation of the Participation Trophy mentality. “My kid is on the team, he sucks, but he should still start.” The standard fallacious corollary is “How can he get better if he doesn’t start?”

There are two universal truths among all head coaches and a lot of good football GM’s: First, winning is everything. They care less about a player’s Postal Code of origin than whether he can fling it accurately 65 yards and think on his feet well enough to not get hit by a car in the parking lot on his way to the game. If they believe a guy can help put W’s on the board, they don’t care if the man is from Mars (or Venus, for that matter).

The second is that all head coaches want to be known as the guy who “discovered,” trained, and gave the shot to Peyton Manning, or Doug Flutie, or Joe Montana, or that old guy from the Patriots.:wink: One of the “explanations” given for June Jones’ departure is he wants a chance to find the next Masoli in the XFL (yeah, it’s a crock, but it’s nice theatre.) Coaches rarely discriminate against talent.

“Mandating” a certain number of players for ANY particular position is madness. It won’t work. And adding MORE requirements to the ratios is just making the game unnecessarily complicated.

I’m glad the ratio remains at 7. I agree, if the QB happens to be Canadian, he should count toward that ratio. That philosophy is working, because we’re seeing better talent coming from the CIS ranks. That will continue to improve. But sacrificing the quality of the game today in hopes that we’ll have better Canadian products 5 years down the road is the kind of talent mortgaging that can only end in bankruptcy.

The Mexican league is a semi pro league with these guys playing for fun. They don’t play the game in high schools or in university in Mexico.
Canadian and US players have gone through 4 years of high school football and then if they are good enough they play university ball.
I don’t think there are enough Mexicans that could make it in the CFL, it just seems crazy to have a guy hanging around because of his nationality.

As for the Canadian QB rule, there is only one team that could possibly have a national QB this year and that’s the Argos.
If the rule had not changed then the Argos could start Bridge and SEVEN starters, now if Bridge starts the Argos can start SIX Nationals.
The Argos get to start an extra international.

The Argos are the only team that is even close to starting a Canadian QB.

well there is no rule against starting more than the Minimum 7 Canadians.
The QBs havent been part of the ration in my lifetime.
Now that they are & your best QB is Canadian. You start him!.
If he is the 8th starter above the 7 mandatory Ratio Rule he can be backed up by a US QB. Then there is nada issue.

I think it would be considered an extra spot, but only if it held a Canadian q.b. In that spot.
And how would that HELP? A Canadian QB's plays 5 years of university football. Has good coaching, great training resources, and Graduates at age 26. Put him/her on the roster for 4 years as the 4th string to develop?? If they had the natural talent to play pro, they would be starters already. You can't train someone to be naturally great. You can train a very talented person to be better! Scouts and coaches know what to look for. High schools are canceling football programs mostly due to lack of players. Who would pay this 4th stringer!!