Time to mandate Canadian QB's

Been talked about forever and a day but time to start doing something about it.
I think every CFL team should be mandated to draft and/or sign 1 (or more) CFL QB who would at the least occupy a protected roster spot as the #4 QB on the team.

The Cdn. (national) QB would be expected to get multiple reps at training camp and regular reps (about half the #3 guy) during practices.

This spot would add a spot to existing CFL rosters.

In addition to practicing with the team - the #4 Cdn. QB could learn other duties including special teams holding, punting, back-up punting, back-up place-kicking and sideline signalling.

Couldn’t be the starting punter or place-kicker cuz that would defeat the purpose of the exercise.

Perhaps, with proper reps and coaching a CIS QB could develop within 2 to 4 yrs into a reliable #2 or #3 guy, and who knows, someday start.

Salary could be adjusted downward to allow for the extra player and no-hit to the existing salary cap. . . . perhaps 2 yr salaries of $55,000 per or 1 yr. @50,000

WHY? Look at the horrid QB pool in the AAAF, look at the some of the rubbish amongst CFL QBs #2, #3s & #4s

We’re signing Mexico, Germany, Italy, Scotland, etc. to CFL agreements. How bout we do some business with our own greatest resource - Canucks?

Was tried years ago and it went the way of the DODO, I would suspect that it would fall flat a second time.

Send these guys to those other leagues for some further seasoning, make the necessary changes to the ratio so Canadian QBs will count and in 2-3 years we might see a couple guys holding the clipboards.

Mandating does nothing to make these guys better. They need playing time and they wont get it on the practice roster.

Make them count towards the ratio and you will instantly see a handful of guys holding clipboards. Teams will use the extra import position somewhere else on the roster, with no intention of playing the 3rd-string QB.

(Last year HAM chose not to dress a third QB a couple of times just to save the salary cap space. They weren’t too concerned about the possibility of needing a third guy to play.)

Mandate teams to carry three QBs (who can hold and back-up the kickers) but only exclude two from the ration and let talent takes its course … if a National is good enough, CFL teams will fight each other to sign him and free up an International roster spot

We have 15 to 20 canadian universities with football programs. Some of them churn out a regular array of CFL players (albeit mostly linemen, the odd DB, odd WR, etc.)

The odd guy playing in a top flight CIS program gets drafted by NFL (Izzy Idonije, Tardiff, etc.) but most guys stay within the CFL or wash out into regular society (day to day jobs)

You only get better by getting better. Let 'em rub shoulders with legit football stars. So what if a 22 yr old canuck QB can’t throw 45 to 55 yds with an arrow. Let him get the jib of playing by playing, practicing, playing, learning, osmosis in action.

I agree with most negative posts that initially these guys would serve to mope on CFL rosters for the agreed upon money. But give anyone who’s serious about making their way into our great and legendary league - the time, patience and experience - - - - some will excell, some will wash out, but give them a chance! PLEASE!

When was it tried?

Counting in the sense of what we seen this past couple of seasons with Bridge. If he starts he should be counted as one of the 7 starting Canadians. Having a Canadian QB on the roster to hold the clipboard wont be an advantage unless he is actually on the field.

Maybe I am missremembering, ( I do that alot), there was something where teams were encouraged to bring Canadian QBs to camp as non counters to gain more experience, some type of internship, maybe 10 years ago or so and through the fog of my mind, I seem to remember maybe in the 90s for a year that teams had a 3rd string Canadian QB on the roster for development but that was scrapped because those guys were so far behind others from US colleges.

I don’t think it was ever tried - or even given a glancing blow chance!

From time to time its been suggested so my idea is not novel by any means, other than perhaps roster restrictions and trainee-applied salary.

And even if the first year or two of is a learning and training experience whats wrong with having a local or regional kid dressed as a CFL player, doing autograph sessions, extending hope to young men all over our great land?

If Randy is able to put money into agreements with other countries like Germany, Mexico, Poland & Scotland, extra coin into USA-trained officials and the like - why not put a pauper’s pension into mandating 9 more canadian opportunities.

I’m pretty sure in 3 or 4 years, at least 2, maybe more of these “opportunists” will be doing more than holding clipboards or pinning converts!

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PloP goes the Weasel. Not even worth answering. The world sports fields want the best in the world.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a huge shortage of q.b.’s so I don’t see the problem with bringing Canadian q.b.’s into the picture, we already have 3rd and 4rth tier guys, who seldom make it back to the nfl. So i’m All for helping our own guys , even if it takes extra time.

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I do seem to recall teams bringing Canadian QBs to camp for development, but I don’t think it was ever as a mandated roster spot . . . and I think it was just for USport QBs to get some pro guidance and they all returned to their university teams after.

As far as mandating national QB spots, I think a wiser first step would be expanding the ratio by one and including the QB spot in the ratio. That would give teams more flexibility with how they want to handle it but also give them incentive for bringing in a Canadian QB.

It may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes the ratio leads to better players being in the league. A guy like Sinopoli would likely have never received a shot in the league at all if it weren’t for the ratio and now, through development at the pro level, he’s among the elite. And he was a QB in university, so maybe if national QBs are given the time to develop at the pro level, we’ll end up with elite local QBs five or six years down the road.

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I think the fear is that Randy Ambrosie has already petitioned his teams about CFL qbs and the response from most CFL GMs (mostly american but also Uncle Tom wannabees like Kyle Walters & the new Saskie GM) is that:

CIS quarterbacks are pure trash. Most CIS teams are reasonable proficient in developing quality hoggies & special teamers, odd DB, WR. . . . and that most CIS coaches are ultra-focused on recruiting that they don’t have the time or positional coaches to develop guys our current CFL GMs call “lugs” to be anything more than future CIS or canadian high-school coaches.

Thats the sad shame. And thats where Randy should drop the gauntlet and mandate the future. Having CFL GMs tell him that CIS quarterbacks are garbage is simply unacceptable.


What about a hybrid ratio for Cdn Qb’s.

The Cdn Qb counts when he is named starter or comes into the game and plays a full series.
For every series he is in, he counts as a Cdn. This way it prevents teams from starting a Cdn Qb for one series and then replacing with a different QB for the rest of the game.

As for Cdn development overall, I think the CFL needs to do more, right from High School junior teams to Junior and University, to even Cdn free agents.

Camps, diet information, proper training practices that are focused overall and specific to their position.
More information available to University and High School coaches as well.

If half your team is cdn, you might as well work on the development.

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I think it would be considered an extra spot, but only if it held a Canadian q.b. In that spot.

To answer your specific question about “adding” a Canadian-mandated QB to the roster. My thinking is that the position would NOT count against the ratio.

Having thought about it as I’ve read several knowledgeable posts I would amend the position as follows:

  • The Canadian mandated QB position would not count against any current ratios. It simply an added spot

  • The spot would be optional for CFL teams. If they didn’t want the extra body in camp for around $50k then so be it. Let other teams develop the potential. That team should still be charged $50 for declining the developmental QB option

  • CFL teams should be mandated to have their coaching staffs, scouts & training staffs make more than perfunctory visits to CIS campuses. Should provide some training and training materials plus be connected to follow up video and guidance.

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It is time . Not sure why just adding them as National is so difficult for the CFL .

Let them count as the field 7 if they start . If not they would just count on the over all ratio on the roster . No harm .

Not having Canadian QB’s is indefensible for a league wanting to be seen as Canadian .

Pretty hard to justify when the CFL brand which is all about OUR version yet OUR version cannot supply Canadian QB’s .

One of the dumbest CFL moves was having a French speaking Canadian QB in Montreal coming off a East nomination for outstanding player and Canadian player of the year being pushed away for a Super Bowl runner up . Not long after that franchise went Kaput .

This is coupled with the Jamie Bone Winning his case in court that the CFL DOES discriminate against Canadian QB’s . The CFL response NOTHING .

So this BS happens and the CFL sits and twittles it’s thumbs and says oh well and they wonder why people don’t buy into this is OUR League .

Pretty hard to defend the league when it believes it’s a different game that is Canadian but is too difficult for Canadian’s to play at it’s most important position .


Have to give credit where credit is due. Your essay (above) Hank is the best one I’ve ever read on the subject at hand.

Randy is CFL commissioner. Not only should he be leading the charge for such implementation he should be championing it.

Any else is tantamount to conceding failure - keeping up the pretense of back-slapping and “good job, buddy!” when speaking with CIS head coaches & sports directors while on other hand saying - 'these CIS guys are complete & utter garbage, if they didn’t have those big, overweight, hefty & strong kids coming out of the chute to fill our o-lines and backup spots on our d-lines we wouldn’t mind their nuisance programs completely being de-funded!"

Thats the attitude, whether anyone likes it or not. Randy should not only be championing the selection of canadian QBs to newly-created roster positions but creating additional funding to send in American trained QB coaches to spend time at various CIS campuses to upgrade & train their current crop of quarterbacks - evaluate for future reference and help in the draft process. More training should mean better players - and better canadian players at the head of the snake #1 pivot position will only make things better - for the CFL, for CIS, for local fans, media and sponsors.

To defy this - while putting up the pretense of deals with Italians, Germans & Mexican fledgling organizations borders on treasonous. Randy realizes the CFL could face player shortages in short years, with the new leagues and expanded american NFL rosters. So why not fund (league) or co-fund (league and participating teams) training and development of canadian born QB on canadian soil. Perhaps this can eventually octopus its view to canadian high-schools, too!

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The solution to that is having only the first and second QBs included in the national roster count. The third QB is an extra player already, with restrictions on his role, so no problem making it an exception here too.

But I wouldn’t include the QB in the starter count. That was the reason the QB was removed from the ratio in the first place - it caused ratio issues when the starting Canadian QB was replaced in a game. Just give teams an extra designated international of they have a national QB as #1 or #2.

IMO if you mandate it then they will never be anything more than a token roster spot. Make them count in the ratio and change the overall ratio to 22/22. You will see them getting shots from there.

I could maybe see them remaining on the roster as a non-counter cap/roster size wise in their rookie year to give them a leg up.

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