Time to make your Grey Cup prediction everyone

Ok everybody this is it. It's time to make our fearless predictions on the Grey Cup.

I say, Ticats 30- Riders 23 in a classic coming down to the last three minutes. The Cats score the winning touchdown from
Henry Burris on a qb keeper from the 8 with 18 seconds left on the clock to win it.

What say you my friends?

Cats - 40
Riders - 34

Ham 31 - Sask 28

Hamilton wins on a last second 32 yard field goal by Luca Congi to stun Rider Nation at home

Cats 31 Riders 17.

Spectacular run by sheets, big YAC by Getslav both for TDs 1st Q. Cats grind one out.
Big YAC by Geroy results in FG; Cats grind out another. @ half 17 Riders - 14 Cats
3rd Q- Cats grind out, and big YAC Gable/Fantuz TD. ST play nets FG. Riders 17 Cats 24
4th mebbe Rider FG. Cats Defence - TD.

That's MY plan anyway

tabbies 24. roughies 21.

mvp burris. canadian andy.

Sask 26 hamilton 16

While most pundits give the advantage to the Riders, mainly due to their running game, I think they will be nervous in front of their fans. If the Cats limit Sheets and pressure Durant, they will lwin. Riders have all the pressure: the Cats will just be having fun!

Cats 21
Riders 18

WOW. Been up since 4 a.my. And can't get back to sleep. Had at least 2 dreams about the game with the last one being a nightmare in which we lose (53 -52) by 1 point on last second field goal after leading all game. I didn't realize how much this meant to me.

Anyhow, let's just hope we have a good game. If we keep it close in the first half, we have a chance. Good luck cats!

I hate to say it but I have to go with the shwam on this one,

My heart says win, my brain area thinks

Rides 33 Cats 23


The Riders are Hyped up and feel they just need to show up and play a regular game to beat the Tiger-Cats. On the other hand the Cats have been the underdogs all year and been held out of the media spot light which has been on Regina, Cats have a lot to prove to the CFL that they are the best team in the Grey Cup and play as a team not just individual highlight reels. Riders have many good individual players but the Cats win as a team and have learned to overcome adversity. C.J. Gable will have a good game as well as Fantuz, Tasker, Grant, Ellingson I think Austin will try and get as many players in as possible if so watch out for Walker and Stalla. Our Defence will Eat the Riders Raw!!

Tiger-Cats 41
Riders 14

I think the weather will be a factor even though it will be warmer today there tban it has been. It's the wind that might cause some issues. So going with a low score - Cats 13, Riders 10.


My gut feeling is that it depends on which Henry shows up. He has been fairly consistent during the last part of the season, if he doesn't stumble now, I think we have a good chance. I'm still a little worried about our secondary guys getting stung by experienced receivers, but again, if they rise to the occasion, this could be the game changer.
Austin has always preached to concern yourself only with those things within your control, and the players cannot control the Officials. Call only the blatant ones and let the players play and decide the outcome, I would hate to see this game decided on a questionable call.

Riders 24
Cats 17

Two things need to happen if our Cats are to have a chance.

1.They must protect the ball, no turnovers!

2.Just like last week in the 2nd half against the Argos they need a dominating ball control offence that eats up minutes and keeps the Rider offence off the field, no 2 & outs! I believe that's the only way they'll stop them.

I think they do it!

Cats 27
Riders 24

Cats 30
Riders 27

The defence preserves the game by stopping Saskatchewan trying a last minute field goal to tie it.

i dunno how its gonna play out but very rare do u see a blow out in the grey cup so i say it will be close with the cats on top

Both Defences will bend but not give up many td,s

Field goal dual

Ticats 22

Riders 21

Last second punt through the end zone by Bartel (Aussie wee wee!!)

21 -17 for the Tiger-Cats!!!!!!

I think the Prairie Dogs will take a too many men penalty on their FG attempt and lose the game because of it. Oh wait, that sounds familiar!

Ticats: 24
Gang Green: 22

Ticats : 29
Riders : 26