Time to kick some green butt around the field

Come on Argos finish these pretenders off. Kerry Joseph has something to prove. It appears many of the green fans feel they did not lose anything when he left. Time to prove them wrong.

Based on your logo, you must be convinced that your squad can't do it themselves. Why implore others to do your dirty work?

P.S. If we're 5-0 heading into Week 6, you'll see more green at McMahon than ever before. Out here we call that stadium our satellite campus.....

Sorry redwhite, I don't know anyone here in SK that felt that way about KJ. It was like a funeral when he left, he's a great QB and a great person, community minded. He was a huge loss. Don't go stirring up crap, especially since your from Calgary. Toronto is very lucky to get KJ. Toronto has always been blessed with great QB and KJ is another page.

I'd check your sources on the "did not lose anything" comment.

I also know that KJ is going to get a 3-5 minute standing ovation when he is announced onto the field at Mosaic, and he deserves it. Of course he will get the usual crowd noise, but there is alot of talk, on radio and local t.v., he is getting a standing O.

Also, what does Kerry have to prove?

He's the reiging MOP, has a cup ring, well-respected by all. And judging by the last game, he's going to repeat this in T.O.? So he has nothing to prove to anyone! I mean, what more does he have to prove? He wanted a bigger paycheque, he deserved it, Tillman could not/ would not meet him where he deserves to be, Tillman acknowledged he should get what he is asking but we were incapable of delivereing, so he did the next honorable thing and made a deal with T.O. who was more than willing to provide the proper financial renumeration. We all said he deserves it, but my wife deserves a new car too, but she isn't going to get it because we can't afford it!

This isn't Henry Burris. He had alot of growing up to do when he left SK, and now his name is mud around here. KJ is a totally different situation.

Glad to see henry growing up. KJ has never had these issues.

So what does KJ have to prove?

I'm kind of surprised at you Redwhite. Not like you to make comments like this out of our own forums. Almost like some gossips sitting in a sewing circle talking about someone else's hubby.

But I also know that you like to have fun and it's all in good spirit, good for freindly competition pre-game, so I will chalk it up to that, but when someone makes incorrect or baseless comments about us in Riderville, we have to defend ourselves.

In the spirit of competition, T.O. has a fantastic team this year, it will be a great game no matte what is said here.

Great response saskatooon1. :smiley: :thup:

The fact that Sask has been able to not only manage with out kerry, but to also improve incedibly without him speaks volumes. They have a guy in Durant that can actually get the ball down field without running for his life is kinda nice. This Durant guy is a keeper for sure, I do not see Crandel in again unless Durant is injured.

As far as I am concerned you can take these former MOP`s like Printers,Crandel and Joseph and ask yourselves??? what have they done for us lately?

What has Printers done? Joseph has 1 win in 4 starts (Bishop has the first win and has only played 17 minutes so far) Crandel had the one good year?

You have heard of one hit wonders

Go Argos!

talbot is sitting this one out.

KJ is gonna burn his old team, u wait and see.

BC and Calgary logos predicting the Argos will win. KJ will do it today. What does that say? They are scared of the Riders. All winter BC fans and Calgary fans said the Riders were a 1 year wonder. Now the Riders are 4 and 0 with Durant and Crandall. They are scared. And they should be.

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