Time to go out on a limb!

I'm going to step out on a limb and make my prediction now that the season has drawn to a close….

I'm predicting a Stampeders vs Redblacks 2015 Grey Cup. Who will win the Grey Cup? Calgary will either destroy the Redblacks OR… it will be close and the Redblacks will prevail. I am predicting an Ottawa Grey Cup victory! What a cinderella story that would be!

Calgary has got an incredibly balanced football team with excellent coaching and no doubt will be the favoured team to win it all. Although the Stampeders all but buried the Redblacks back on August 15, the Redblacks in my opinion are a different team now. Also, Calgary is not invincible, close but not quite.

The Redblacks can beat both Toronto and Hamilton so it does not matter which team they face in the Eastern Final. Edmonton and Calgary are evenly matched but I think Calgary will prevail and get into the Grey Cup.

What am I hoping for? Of course I'm hoping the Lions take out both Calgary and Edmonton and get into the Grey Cup. They can do it of course. But some say that it can get cold enough for he** to freeze over too.

The one caveat…

My prediction is based on things remaining the same for both Grey Cup teams. Should key players get injured in any of the playoff games my prediction may not be worth a whole lot.

I agree, I think it will be Calgary and Ottawa also.

Hank is playing possessed right now.

Ott has the best receiving unit in the CFL.

Ott not just leads in sacks but ran away with it.

Edm has the best D. Cal is a close second

Cal has a more potent O - IMO

I respect Edm, but I do not think they can beat the Stamps 3 in a row.

Also the 3 week layoff will hurt the Esks.

If it does turn out this way , I say it will be 50 / 50 as to who would win.

The blow out in Calgary meant nothing. Ott is much better now. They have improved as the season went on.

Yuppers, Argos vs Calgary in Winnipeg Nov. 29th

tor - worst D in the playoffs. second worse O, by 1 pt.

why anyone expects them in the GC I will never know. Well, maybe I will if they actually get there. Can see them beating a damaged ticat team though.

odds are against ed. Hard to beat same good team 4 times in one year. Eight game win streak sets them up for a due loss.

However, I am counting on the reilly factor. He has flutie like will to win. He will make or break it for Edmonton.

I want Edmonton and Ottawa in the cup. I think they should be. I am going to ignore my irrational fear of jinxing and go ahead and pick them

ed - ott gc

The Lions might be the spoiler, rallying behind the CFL's top-rated QB over the last 1/3rd of the season, Jon Jennings, laying a licking on the oil-jockeys during their tour of Alberta. So it should be an All-Braley Bowl with the Argos and Lions meeting halfway in Winnipeg to determine the Canadian rugby-football champions for two thousand and 15. :thup:

Wow! Wouldn't that be something? :thup: