Time to Go Looking For A New GM?

Iunno if this is just me but I think it greatly benefit the Blue and Glod organization if we found someone to replace taman as GM of the club. Any Thoughts?

....are you a relative of Sportsmen or red2005...Taman is being paid for a couple of more years....may as well keep him.. :wink: 8)

First, I thought Taman was done last year....
But he just signed an extension, and this might actually be his best year as GM.
Wouldn't make much sense to fire him now.

See Papa, finally someone in the "Peg" is seeing what we've seen over the last couple years! :wink:

...i don't think Taman did a bad job this year...of course things were messed-up in the past...(never should have let Brian Clarke go) but heh....he's been trying this year....IF he can convince Derick Armstrong to sign on long-term...i think that's a pretty good move on his part....He's filled a lot of holes on our o line....and once they are all healthy...including Goodspeed....we'll have one of the best 'o' lines in the league...i'll give Brendan an 8 out of 10 this year....we'll see what the future holds with him as gm...he has got an extension... :roll:

Is Taman the cause for the team's situation? With all the injuries to key personell, it's no wonder that the Bombers have hit hard times. Taman can't be blamed for the injuries! No I'm not a Taman fan, even if he is from Saskatchewan!