Time to give Zac a start

Now that our chance of making the playoffs is over, lets give zac a chance. We know what we have with J.M. but have yet to see what ZC can do with this new offence

If they have already decided he wont be back I doubt they will chance him looking great down the stretch.
If they are open to keeping him then they should give him a shot.

They can't decide whether or not Collaros is going to be here when they don't even know who the HC is going to be. He'll want to have input into the starting QB

Not over yet. But yeah Zack should be brought back to have a go.

Zac needs to start. How can you trade away a player and get any value for him unless the team your trading with sees value in that player?
I don’t believe trading a player (especially a QB) who has CFL experience and has show well in the past needs to go. Austin’s system, bad o-line, horrible defense and a continuing special team fiasco are are to blame for Zac’s poor performance.
I believe even under Jones and some success , it is obvious we need a coaching staff with CFL coaching experience. His time management, play calling when it really matters and use of the challenge flag at the dumbest time shows his lack of game time knowledge. I was not a fan of this hiring and hope they are doing a full and complete search for an EXPERIENCED CFL HEAD COACH with a winning track record. Hopefully there is such a coach out there.

The writing is on the wall for Zach. I think the team has decided they don’t want him back at that salary and the way he’s been treated by the team and fans is enough for him to want out.

Trestman and Condell will welcome him with open arms and everyone that complained and took him for granted will either be right or wrong with how he does.

it’s the same armchair coaches who said starting CJ was a mistake. How many yards did he run for last night. These people need to really think about their opinions. Zach is an elite quarterback who had NO SUPPORTING CAST the first 8 games. What do we have to lose by seeing how he does with this “new? offensive schemes? He may just win every game and we make the playoffs. I like Masoli but I don’t believe (especially after last nights fumble) that he is the starting QB that’ll bring us to the Grey Cup next year. Neither is Johnny headcase Football.

I agree with you 100%, if they make the stupid move of trading Zack, I will be cancelling my season tickets!!!

I like Masoli, he is exciting to watch and he brings an extra dimension to the game with his running ability. But, he is not good enough to be a starting QB. If we have him as a starter next year, the best we can hope for is 9-9, mediocrity.

Comparing the win/loss record this year would obviously favour Masoli, until you consider the other things that have happened since Masoli took over:

  • A new coach with a more balanced playbook
  • A running game
  • An improved O-line, and more time for the QB to throw
  • An improved receiving corps (Chambers for Jones, Fantuz returns, Banks at WR)
  • A better defense - getting the ball back in better field position
  • Weaker opponents

Collaros should start, we need to find out what he can do with the Jones offence, the improved line and the running game. We know he once had the ability to be a star QB in this league, we need to find out whether he still has it.

We can operate a two QB system for a while, bring in Masoli for designed packages of plays, but have Collaros take most of the snaps.

I agree 100%

Why Collaros should play the rest of the season
because he is better

It's time. At least give him the start with a short leash. I like Masoli but when you're rushing for 100+yards and have established a running game the offence should be a little more consistent with a supposed balanced attack. While there has been flashes the lulls are costly. Collaros has watched from the sidelines the last few games which should also be beneficial.

I don’t necessarily agree that the O-line gives Jeremiah more time, I think it might be more that he is more willing and able to roll-out, and more willing to throw away a ball to avoid the sack. If Zach returns, I think you will see him just as harried and pressured as before, unless he has learned to throw the ball quicker, and to ground the ball to the detriment of his passing average.

Collaros is without question the better QB, but there's little doubt that he also needed to sit for awhile. The problem with Masoli (in my opinion), is that he's just too inconsistent. and considering how balanced the offensive game plan is now, he should be performing better not worse.

Collaros finishes off the season, then Manziel becomes the starter in 2018 ?

Johnny Nutcase is not the answer. Every GM in the league would take Zach. Maybe not at $550k but likely more than $350k. He’s under contract so having him here next year to compete with any QB they bring in , is to our benefit. If he tanks, then trade or cut him. All this talk of trading him now with no viable replacement is insanity. Give the poor guy a break and let him start a few games.

Like he did for an Intentional Grounding penalty? Just like the Time Count Violation in the 4th Quarter? Like the horrible sacks he took? Like the fumble he gave up? Like the WIDE OPEN receivers he overthrew? And, especially, like the 5 STRAIGHT TWO-AND-OUTS when the team only needs a first down (or two) to end the game?

Put Zack in next game against Bo Levi and the Stamps as we are going to lose that one for sure anyways ?! like in fairness to our True starter who is I believe sadly damaged goods some respect and give him a chance with June and his system . Masoli I have finally come to the conclusion he will be filling in for Kevin Glenn the best #2 QB in the CFL a nomad for hire ! After last nights performance he is not ready to be a true # 1 and maybe may never Be

Zach didn’t save us last year, Zach didn’t save us this year, so why would he save us on a second coming? No doubt the same old diddy: new coach, new plays, better line, better defence.

I was wrong with CJ, maybe I’m wrong with Zach. Your faith is commendable, but I’m having trouble accepting it. I suppose time will tell.

In fairness, there were not exactly five straight two-and-outs.

Last series in regulation time, we forfeited our first down, so it was more of a one-and-out.

In our overtime series, we went for it on third down, so it was more like a three-and-out.

And the last time Zach put up 35 points was ....? Oh ya, that was because of the O-line, running game, play calling and defence.