Time to get serious.....Ti-Cats

I could go into great detail about that loss...in Toronto.
I'm sure others...will post lots of that.
A sad/bad effort, from most of the players.
The Argo's were ripe for the picking......
And I don't what to even get into some of the coaching calls. :thdn:
Fall football is apon us.
Time to get serious...Ti-Cats.


Heading into a tough part of the season. If you can't be serious, you can't win these games.

In a way, this loss was a good thing. Why? Because now the Cat's can see clear as day what they need to imrpove from the next game, when you win you don't truly believe you have to fix anything, I mean you obviously won right? I expect to see the Cat's start the game against Calgary off playing hard and executing. We have been a terrific team at home this year.

I was thinking the same thing......
I hope the Cats have learned something....big-time...from this loss.
That goes for the coaching staff as well.

Forget that trick-play crap...... :thdn: