Time to get rid of Glen Suitor... Chris Schultz, Rod Black

john Madden has been one of the best colour guys ever....

.....seems odd that Walby and Don are and were both Winnipeg boys....you could say their broadcasting skills were worlds apart....I miss Don Whittman and i don't see another broadcaster like him around these parts...and probably never will..Black is also a Pegger...one i'm afraid i can't really get used to..He does do a good job on the figure-skating though... :lol:

I'm convinced that it is impossible to please every single viewer and this thread is more proof. Thus, I suspect and am thankful that the networks (now TSN) use other criteria than 100% audience approval when deciding who to hire and fire (which they do, on occasion - ask Danny Mac).

I kind of took the post seriously right up until Benefield came up as a replacement. Ugh. I'll rip the speakers out of my TV if he's on four games a week.

The fact is that the TSN panel rated higher then the CBC panel for years. Now that people don't see the CBC panel in action anymore, they suddenly have fond memories and want to start replacing the TSN panel (who they see a lot more of).

Suitor and Cuthbert are outstanding!!!!!!

Agreed hassall, the best in any sport period.

People must be leaning on EVERY word and turn of phrase to be this concerned about every_little_thing that is said. What's more important? The game or the minor quirks and idiosyncrasies of the broadcasters? Wouldn't it be easier to just be tolerant of them, and barring that, just turn off the sound and listen to the radio instead? Must people be SO picky?

Suitor probably is the best colour analyst at this time which doesn't say much about the depth of commentators.

I'm get tired of his dissecting every single down with x's and o's. How about some actual colour commentary and conversations. The league, player backgrounds, opinions, etc.

This is exactly what I was talking about in my previous post.

It’s absolutely pointless for TSN to even pay attention to what people think of their crews because it is absolutely impossible to please everyone. So, they should just do their best and forget about the complainers.

I played Linebacker, so I have been covering receivers. I was always taught to bump and let go. I was never taught to let him gain 6-10 yards ahead of you...

of course, because most peoplelinebackers arent fast enough to do otherwise. When ever I knew that I was quite faster than the guy I was covering, which was usually, I always laid back a little to suck the QB into throwing, then, assuming he was accurate to the receiver, and often when not, I knew that ball was mine, and if it wasnt mine, it was nobody's. Not recommended for most, but thats what he was talking about, that the guy is so fast, he can do that.

Good post. I have no issue with the TSN crew. :thup: Remember how everyone screamed to get rid of Lief Petterson? We got our wish.

I'm just glad Walby's gone. Good ridance!

I agree.
Some people aren't happy unless they complaining about something. :roll:

Walby's basically Canada's version of John Madden.... and that's not a compliment.

Yup, played that card many times myself. Having a slow receiver line up against me when I was playing DB was a treat. In fact, if you didn't appear to be beat the QB would never throw the ball in your direction.

Its simply baiting the QB, and it takes a confident DB to practice that sort of deception. Just don't slip, LOL.

Back on topic, I happen to like Suitor and Cuthbert.

You've played DB before, so I expect you'd know more, and my comment was from a Linebacker stand point. So I guess it's a strategy then.

It's just a crazy thought for myself, because anything can happen, if he runs a Go pattern (Straight) and you give him a lead, then he cuts in middle to the middle, wouldn't it make more ground to make up? Or running full speed you can trip over your feet or accidentally run into him while the ball is up for grabs... That's where I get confused.

That would be concidered takeing a gamble, I assume, right?

when you look at it that way, the whole game is a gamble. Anything can go wrong no matter how you play it. As long as you know where your man is, no matter how he running, and as long as you know, or beleive, you can get to him before the ball does, it doesnt matter what pattern he runs. As soon as he goes anywhere but straight, it works in your favor as it gives you an angle to run at him, once the ball is thrown.

I will admit one thing. When I first started playing as a kid, the difference in speed between me and others wasnt so much, and I was new to the game, so when I covered man to man, I covered as close as possible, and did well. However, the older and faster I got, the more I depended on my speed and football wits and instinct to allow me to play a little unorthadox. Thing is, when I got older and started to lose my speed, I found it very hard to adjust to being no faster than others, and I marvelled at how those that were never that fast were still able to be so successfull, sigh.

Thing about it all is, getting back to topic, sometimes the guys in the booth may sound stupid, because they really know more than we do.

Out of all the guys that are on the panel or commentating. I would get rid of Forde he is just plain terrible. He talks very quitely, doesn't add much to the conversation when he is with Black. He needs to get better or be gone.

In over 40 yrs of watching football, I have never bothered to have a bad opinion of any member of the broadcasting crew. It is pointless. They are just people, like the rest of us, who can say stupid things, like the rest of us. Its not easy for most people to talk as much as they are expected to talk, and never put ones foot in ones mouth, or repeat something, or say something somebody thinks is stupid. Get over it people. Its about the game, not the crew. If we get rid of everybody that anyone has issue with, there would be nobody left. I dare say nobody, and I mean nobody on any forum that is criticizing the hell out of these people, can do even as well, let alone better. Get off your high horses and let these people be fallable humans. Pay attention to the game and take what you want from what is said, and ignore what you dont like.

I am admiring a second post of yours in the same night, FYB!! What's going on? Am I mutating?? Aliens infiltrating my brains? Whatever, I completely support this one, too.