Time to get rid of Glen Suitor... Chris Schultz, Rod Black

With all the unemployed CBC guys kicking around I think it's time to get rid of Suior.... His latest gaff in believing the CFL's slogan for 08 is "This is Our Game." Was down right embarrasing for himself.... but I'm sure Cuthbert (in absoulue silence) must of been bright red...
Chris Schultz nonsensicle babbling has even started pissing off the panel... Matt Dunigan actually called him on his BS and made him look like a clown....man that was priceless.... Before that the whole panel made fun of him for being a babbler. As for Rod Black.... Way to go wreck what was the most exciting play of the year....I actually muted my TV about the fourth time he said.... "Can you believe it Jason Tucker!!!" I have no idea how many times he said it afterwards...
Get rid of Schults ...put in Benefield... He's kind of a clown.... but atleast his not a total doorknob like Schultz.. If not Benefield... then Cabbie would be an excelent edition... He'd make an excellent sideline reporter as well.
As for Suitor... Forde should take his job and with Black gone too you would have to find a whole new B team???? I wonder if Lancaster still has it?

I don't mind the panel, but the thing that bugs me the most is they always reference to themselves and when they played.

anyone dissing shultz has rocks in their head.

No way Blin, maybe Black only.

Those guys are as good or better than ANY broadcast team I have ever seen. If he made a gaff — which I doubt — so what. He's a human being.

Love the panel. I think they are great for Canadian football. Whether you like what he has to say or not...Schultzy knows his football.

What abot Cabbie..... I think he'd be great.... He's a Canadian as well I believe.

Glen and Chris are first-rate. Forde is tremendous for his first year - wait until he actually learns something. Rod Black is no one's favorite, but to say replace them with any of the CBC hacks....I have one (non)word for you: OVERNEATH.

I like the panel, and I don't mind it when they joke around about when they played. It shows they are real football guys and not just some talking heads fresh out of communications college.

They need to focus more on the Lions though, maybe hire Millington or something, he's a good hometown boy.

Cabbie's annoying...

and BTW, Schultz, Cuthbert, Suitor, Climie, Black, and Forde are all Canadian too.

Sorry Blin,
I can agree only on Black. Schultz and Suitor are two of the best.

Blin- I disagree with you regarding Suitor. Some of the ex-players are BORING and have no t.v. voice or are afraid to be controverial. Suitor is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and will question coaches decisions and referee's calls. He is better than most of the NFL guys and is the best of the CFL colour commentators in my humble opinion.
On the other hand, I see your points about the other two guys.
Back to Suitor- colour commentators are supposed to be colourful not bland and he is the former not the latter.
an old turkey.

Suits is by far the best colour guy TSN has, and Shultzie does a fine job on the panel. Black s..ucks though. I am not a big Cuthbert fan either, though he has improved over the years.

When I saw the title of this thread and before reading any of the posts, I thought "Wow, is perfection the expectation now??" I've read the posts and, thankfully, for most it is not ... thankfully. Even if it is, it is clear that it is more like art than science as perfection varies depending on the criteria of the observer. They're all doing very well ... for human beings - focus on the game, not the voices that deliver it and you'll do fine, too.

I'm glad ol' marble mouth(Walby) is not on TV this year. He had to be the absolute worst analyst, in any sport. Suitor is the best colour analyst the CFL has, and Forde is not too far behind him. The absolute best CFL voice, however, was silenced when Don Wittman passed away.

I find Rod Black says some weird things. Like in the Edmonton game, he said Tristan Jackson is so good and so fast, that he let the Argo receivers beat him on purpose.

if you ever played defenseive back or safety, you would understand that perfectly. I did it all the time.

Totally agree and I am glad I won't have to listen to Walby the walrus push his pro Winnipeg agenda.

Suits is a jerk! I would replace him with K Jones. The other guys do not bother me as much but Suitor is just a joke.

Yeh, i too am very disappointed in Suitor,he's become the John Madden of the CFL.