Time to get rid of Barrett and Shivers

GM sure has outworn his welcome in Saskatchewan! He's turning a once respectable team into a Joke!

They both need to be fired and we need to hire a coach who knows what the hell he's doing!

you do realize we're going to miss the playoffs, don't you???

How come in Edmonton when the team is 2-3.. the media and the fans and even Campbell are asking for the HC's Head and being fired etc..

but yet 7 years of getting NO where.. and LOOK they're still here!!! SHEESH

that's one of the prime examples as to why Edmonton is who they are and has made the playoffs for 34 straight years.. And why the Riders only have 2 Cups.. and SUCK!

ya i dont if we should or we shouldnt fire the two or just one of them. :? I went to last nights game and i got the same feeling.... the players are not puting a 100% when playing IMO. :expressionless: When the anouncer said KK name... it was a mixed reaction towards him, some clap and some booed. :expressionless: IMO some bodys head has to roll but i just don't know which 1 :? DB or Shivers. Hamilton did it, why dont we :wink: , just to show we mean business :cowboy:

We're definitely under achieving with the talent we have! Someone has to light a fire under the boys, otherwise changes will need to come!

Thats It....Fire Barrett and bring in Greg Marshall from Hamilton! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Where are we going to find a coach in midseason to take over the Riders? Greg Marshall, and Jim Daley are NOT the answers. Richie Hall promoted wouldn't be beneficial; look how his defense was burned on the weekend! Three BIG plays!! Lost us the game.

Leave Danny and Roy till the end of the season; give themselves the opportunity to sink or swim!

We're doing that every damn year.. I'm tired of it. We need to make some noise, and that's OFF the field. Fire their asses!

get schultzie from TSN to be the next HC

Pulleeeeeeze! Schultz wouldn’t be as confident a HC as he is on TV. Look what happened to Dunigan in Calgary! I hear cflisthebest’s comment to fire them all! We are tired of being other team’s dormats, but without a bonafide person to come in, the rest of the year would be a waste! Hamilton was fortunate to have Ronnie in the front office; we don’t have anyone of Ronnie’s calibre on staff!

How come in Edmonton when the team is 2-3.. the media and the fans and even Campbell are asking for the HC's Head and being fired etc..

Funny that Hughie would be asking to can the coach when it was his son's bonehead defensive call that lost Edmonton the game. Campbell jr should be canned before Maciocca

I know alot of people didn't like Al Ford, but at least he brought us a home playoff game, a Grey Cup and took us to the Grey Cup.

Since Shivers and Barret have come to town, their recird is less than 500, so are they really any better.

Shivers doesn't even lead by example. He wants players to come and play in Regina, but he goes to Vegas every winter? That really says alot to the players.

As far as the team. Why can they play so well in the forth quarter and not the rest of the game? They should be playing with that intensity from the get go, and that falls direcly on the shoulders of the Coach and GM.

Unfortunatly, the only way fans can speak their minds and make a statement, is by not going to the games.

I've got an idea for you.....bring back Quinter and Gotta.....at least they were humorous. Oh, and maybe throw in Bill Baker as well.

I know i've said all this before,but I am driven to repeat myself. Those two southern fried country yokels have probably scamed 1.5 million out of "OUR" pockets, it's about time they start funding their own Vegas vacations.Barrett has no value what so ever.Shivers has some value if you can tolerate an arrogant, self-centered, contemptuous, leech, who after hearing numerous interviews with, i have come to the conclusion that he has no respect for, nor any appreciation of US, the ones paying his salary, the only thing that would satisfy me at this point is an out right FIRING. Who cares ont their replacements, it's time to take out the garbage......GO RIDERS GO

Why keep on giving them repeated chances, over and over again? Lets be a real team and FIRE THEIR ASSES!

or the fans should revolt!

Bill Baker as GM...count me IN! George Cortez as HC; wasn't he in the running for HC when Shivers was hired?

If you fire DB you have to fire Hall with him. the D has been the big problem and has been the biggest reason in everyone of the losses.

But if you fire your head coach and the D-co you are basically giving up the entire season when you are one game back of first with one game in hand?

Did the season start like we wanted? No

Are we out of the playoffs or even out of the race for a home playoff game? No

to many players in there option year which will leave if danny and roy are fired.where ever they go those players are sure to go.how many players do we have in there option year?i think we have to give them the rest of the season.
sign all our free agents then if no home playoff this year can them.i also think we should fire roy move db up to gm.cortez as hc.players like db and i think he could better lour free agents here.to many players no about the burris treatment from roy and dont want nothing to do with him.

Are we in the same spot we are every year? YES
Are we going to finish 9-9 again and look to next year? YES

Can we afford to fire them at this point in the year, from a financial perspective I mean?

Wasn't that a big determining factor in why they got another chance this year?

Besides, even tho we've completely played like poo for the most part this year, we're only one game out of first place in the west.

As long as we're still contending, it's too early to make that move. If we're fully out of the race by mid-September, then sure, go ahead.

Maybe just fire Hall, his defence isn't exactly doing much to help us right now.

same spot as every year ? huh! when has every team in the West had 3 losses by week 7.

Remeber when the Roughriders win on Saturday where are we in the standings ? Tied for at least second with a game in hand.

9-9 in the west might get you 2nd place. and really other than getting a home game who cares what their record is, its all about make the playoffs and then start winning every game.

perfect examples BC last season great start and no hardware.

Edmonton Oilers sqeak into the post season and come one game short of winning it all

Everyone wake up! 7 years, no home playoff game, 2 playoff wins, best finish is 3rd, career record 10+ games under .500, multiple off field problems, local talent ignored. Oh wait after 7 years of mediocrity at best the ship will suddenly right itself and we'll win 7 in a row, get realistic. Year 7 of the 5 year plan smells earily similar to previous years, no consistency, excuses and no accountability. Voice your displeasure and stay home, show these clowns you wont be duped anymore. Fire Shiv and Roy now.