Time to get concentrating on free agents

I hope that Taman starts making some signings as soon as the GC is done. We have another huge batch of names that are going to be free agents if not re-signed (I beleive Foley, Chick, Dressler, Bagg, Getzlaf are all eligible and good chunk of our o-Line as well). I wasn't crazy how long it took to make some signings last year.

PS: and find a kicker PLEASE!

They need to make one move above all others.

They need to fire George Cortez.

Then the next move they need to do is to fire him again.

Fuck you George, fuck you.

Couldnt have said it better myself! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

There's a Brewster bus leaving Edmonton for East bumf**k tonite. Cortez should be under it.

Christ he pisses me off to no end.

lol so your saying we give him an extension?

Oh I wouldn't put him at the top of the list. Sometimes I think CC keeps him on a short leash on his play calling. Things we really need are:

  1. a QB coach, asking Cortez to do double duty was a bad idea
  2. a special teams coach. We had a good one a couple of years ago but lost him to Edmonton (Craig Dickenson)
  3. a kicker
  4. some creativity on offence. Not sure I can pin this one solely on Cortez as his offences were a lot more creative and free flowing before coming back to Sask. Since CC has took over we have maybe one play called a year that even comes close being called "tricky" (This year a pass thrown for over 20 yards seemed like it would qualify as a trick play)
  5. get over this "you screwed up a play so you sit for the next few games" bs. That's a minor league mentality and has no place in the pro's.

I've been riding his ass for two fucking years. I know that he likes to keep his cards close to the vest and I actually like that philosophy in general, but not at the cost of winning games! Holy sh!t how many games did the Riders lose this year because the offense was completely - not just sorta kinda - COMPLETELY predictable? And to completely abandon what worked magically against the same team the week before IN A PLAYOFF GAME is just plain stupid. Of course you can't run the same game plan twice in a row, but they ran outside the tackles ZERO times today. ZERO!

Let me say theat again ... ZERO!

They didn't even try once, what smoked the exact same defense last week.

Now I know that Cortez is not stupid, so it only means one thing that's worse ... ARROGANT!

Goddamn fucking fool.

It's one thing to not want to give film to next week's opponent. It;s another to lose a game for the sake of not showing anything to next week;s opponent, but it's fucking bizzarro world bull shit to not have an opponent to play next week becuase you don;t want to show anything.

I can't state it enough ... fuck you George, to your face, fuck you! Eat shit and die because unlike you I actually care if my team wins or loses.

Completely disagree.

Special teams and a kicker have nothing to do with an offensive game plan based on continuous two-and-outs. You don;t need trick plays to be creative on offense. Doug Berry's offense was far more creative and effective with no trick plays than the shit we saw this year. And as far as players sitting for mistakes ... well that strategy actually WORKED. Allen fumbled. He sat. He stopped fumbling. It WORKED.

I agree that the game plan didn't seem the best in this one but then again they came out throwing and not running. I doubt Edmonton was expecting that and if KJ could have gotten a bit more time and actually hit some receivers it could have worked. If they could have moved the ball through the air and got a few first downs then that would have opened the run game but that didn't happen so there was no respect or fear of the pass game.Execution or the lack there of is on the players for the most part. Cortez can't block,pass,or run.That is on the players to do.

Yes he makes me angry but again until I hear of one solid suggestion for a replacement then best to stick with the devil you know instead of the one you don't.

Lol, you go better go back and watch Doug Berry's offence, there were plenty of trick plays. And when your special teams allow the ball to ran back for td's or great field position it hurts the team as does missing what should be easy points.

And as far as players sitting for mistakes ... well that strategy actually WORKED. Allen fumbled. He sat. He stopped fumbling. It WORKED.
Actually he had just as many fumbles post as he did prior. Also there is zero proof that sitting him had any effect in stopping him from dropping the ball other than not getting it at all for those games. There is just as much correlation as the lack rainy games during that period as there is to sitting Allen.

3 fumbles in 3 games before sitting.

3 fumbles in 12 games after sitting.

I'm right, you're wrong.

really guys? Were all on the same side here I think. I didn't have as much issue with sitting him as having so many backs in camp all year. Pick two perhaps 3 at most and then get it down to two and go with them. None of this all season long tryouts how much of that went on last year? Yes I know we lost Sheets and others and so yes new players have to be brought in but still this was over the edge borderline crazy to have this much uncertainty in who is playing where going into the playoffs. That is definitely want to see changed next year. Get your guys in camp give them a shot and then either they make it or cut them loose. Look at Tolston's situation all year long. He looked like the best back in preseason and then he disappears after that but we keep him hanging around? Sorry but that is bogus.

See the errors in your conclusions. 3 fumbles before and 3 fumbles after. There is absolutely nothing to prove or supports that he would have done any worse or better had he not been benched. It could have also been his first real pro games playing the Canadian game and gee he may have learned to read things better as the season went on or his blocking got better, or etc etc etc

Kerry Joseph had a winning playoff record going into tonight but it did not mean that he would still have one after tonight. DD went through the first part of the season last year without throwing an pick, that did not mean he would go through the season without one.

Get back to me when you have a coherent argument.

Well , ya.... at this point lets just all take a big breath and say very loudly F*CK ,, and get over it.... If done right there are many area we need to look at, all no longer under the microscope now, addressed properly we com e back much stronger next year.

QB Coach

ST Coach

Middle LB

and I think Tino should still stick around, with a proper QB coach , he could develop well, maybe even same for Doege

I'm not surprise you can follow it considering you think there is a provable correlation with Allens sitting and fumble count.

I mean somehow when Durant started off the season slow for games on end it was "it's because he is not used to the new receivers yet " but Allen who never played a pro game of Canadian football before wouldn't need a period of adjustment himself and somehow could control the weather in hamilton and hang onto a helmet to the ball fumble that would cause any other running back to lose the ball as well.

Allen fumbling 3 at the start and only 3 the rest of the season is not proof that benching works there is nothing that ties the two together. By the way, Allen also dropped the ball more than 3 times in the second half, the riders just lost possession on 3 , he others were recovered by him or his team mates.

Hey if benching worked then Sunseri should have lit it up tonight as well, ya didn't happen.

Torn about that one, I would rather have backups that are of the same style as our starting QB. Going from a scrambling QB to a pocket QB isn't an easy transition for the rest of the O when it has to be done.


[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Correlation_does_not_imply_causation]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Correlatio ... _causation[/url]

As far as Doege is concerned no I wouldn’t keep him. Tino is a FA and unless they get him back for next to nothing not liking that either. Tino may have potential but he is a bit of a maverick in my opinion. It seems like he tries too hard to be the hero and tries for the home run too often instead of taking whats there and let the rest of the team do their job. Yes he is learning and perhaps that can be taught to use the options that are available instead of just going what he wants but is he willing to do it is the question I would have to ask.

Sunseri scrambled for 2 first downs then after that all they had him do was pass the ball , go figure ?
question - did Messam even get on the field today ?