Time to focus on Hamilton

Well,…guess we’ve all had our say about RF - time to move on and focus on what we have going for us. The Lions have momentum going into Hamilton. Glenn is still miffed over being pulled from their last game; he will want to prove a point.
I hope BC stays with the same gameplan as the last one; it seems to be working. All I ask is that the O-line and pass-coverage step up. Prove we can continue to win with what we have!

They'll have to step it up against Steve Baggs.

Lion's 27
Hamilton 19

Odds are he won't be playing this weekend. The game is just over 48 hours away and the Cats are probably scheduled to fly in tomorrow. It's unlikely that Baggs will be on that plane. Besides... most teams want a newly signed player to at least get a couple of practices in before suiting up for a game, regardless of their experience.

You had me worried there for a second, but no, he is in Hamilton and will be flying out with the team, so, pucker up, Casey! :stuck_out_tongue:

It won't just be Glenn trying to prove a point Pastasteve. The Ti-Cats haven't forgotten what Printers did to them in last year's semi-final showdown.

Whatever the Lions did against Montreal and Toronto these last couple of weeks has been working. They won both games in convincing fashion. Still problematic are those O linesmen. They're trying their best but they're still being out muscled. They allowed 8 sacks against Toronto. That is way too many! Each sack had the potential to take the QB out of the game. That for the Hamilton D line would be an added bonus. The Lions also accumulated over 100 yards in penalties last game. Too many.

I'll predict a Lions win by 14+, just like Toronto.

Really??... darn. I'm a little surprised. While it's not unprecedented, it is a little unusual for a player to sign with a new team one day and be on the plane and playing in a game the next day.

Not really surprised, given he's coming from an NFL camp and probably in top game shape.

Scratch that. I jumped offside. I just learned he's not playing Saturday. :oops:

oh oh, someone fulled a foley :wink:

My guess is that this game will go down to the wire, but BC will pull in front in the last 2 minutes (FG). My guess is...
BC 31
HAM 28
...provided of course, the O-line wakes up, the team doesn't take too many stupid penalties, and the D-line put big pressure on Glenn. I hope THEY'RE fired up over the Foley thing ("Who needs 'em?").
My biggest concern this game? Pass-coverage. Why Benevides can't go to a man-on-man like Calgary and Montreal, I can't understand(???). They're zone D stinks.

Well, he hasn't quite fulled a poley. Cats 32 Lions 26

Hamilton 23
BC 20

Lulay throws a late touchdown, Ticats pull out a boring win.

Printers looks lost on the sidelines.

I would dispute that prediction. I don't think it'll be boring.

Sheesh…outside of the debacle in the 4th Q this was by far the best game the Lions have played, certainly in this season and for most of last. Midway in the 3rd I was thinking…“Holy, these guys have turned it around” Devastating loss. Not sure how it happened but panic set in. But they looked tough for 3Q’s. If they can bounce back next week they’ll be a much tougher team than most expect. Big if tho after this.
And Jiminez is a true punk.