Time to fire Taaffe!

Last week I started a thread.."is it time to fire Taaffe"?

We have the players..we don't have coaching IMO

charlie just said he was proud of the guys, they played hard and fought hard but other than a few mental errors and coverages they played well, BARF!!!! thats what it takes to lose charlie, dont be proud, be pissed right off.
cya charlie!!!!!!!!

Tut Tut Tut:

Such negativity! Don't you know this team needs more time! Its a new team! Last years record doesn't matter! There's still lots of time left in the season!  Did I miss any of the other tired excuses?

Just wanted to beat the "more time" folks to it.:twisted:

However....even though we still lag way behind the other teams in the league I thought Ritchie did quite well even though he spent half the game running for his life. I thought the receivers tried to help him more than they do when Casey is in there. There is some potential with Rodriguez for sure. Can't wait for Miles to be back. Tre Smith did well. Bauman should have been in the game earlier. Where was Caulley? Where was Pat Woodcock?
The play calling was spotty as usual. That has to improve as much as anything else. I still believe these players can produce with the right play calling...and a decent O-line. But...we are still 1-5 with a tough schedule ahead.
It could be a while before we get another win. Looks like the season will be lost by the end of August or before.

Thats fine you all want Taaffe fired, you are entitled to you opinion.

However, try this. Instead of doing the easy thing how about suggesting who they should hire (that's available right now) that would dmake a difference. And no Don Matthews, he's not coming here.

We might as well keep him, there's no one out there who will turn us into contenders, might as well give him the whole season.

The other thing people fail to realize is that forever firing coaches and cutting players is the reason this team is where it is.

Don't just fire Charlie, fire Marcel and Denny as well, bring in a coach that will place fear in his players if the screw up. They need someone like Angelo Masca. As for O.C. let danny Mac take over and for D.C. if Bob could beg Sutherin to come back that would be great, if not offer it up to former players like Hitch. This team is going down fast and I hope Obie realizes that before fans start staying home. We pay too much as it is to sit in Ivor Wynne to watch this team have the same results every game. Something needs to be done.

More re treads or inexperience. That'll make us a winner just cos Big Ang will be angry.

mr 62'I hope you are right....but I don't think this caoching staff can turn the season around ...we have great young talent..but these coach's don't know how to use them..

the only thing the same with this team over the last few years has been the fans. Maybe it's us (gulp) who should be fired?!

However, try this. Instead of doing the easy thing how about suggesting who they should hire (that's available right now) that would dmake a difference
How bout we leave that to obie scotty. Its not up to the fans to find players or coaches. Its clear charlies days are done and this season can be salvaged if a change is made NOW, and only now.

Good players win games. Good coaching makes sure the players are prepared to play and that they correct mistakes and improve from game to game. We keep making the mistakes game to game, coverages are too loose, hitting suspect and motivation lacking. Do we have the players that will improve as a team? Time will tell, but for me it looks like a long season. We keep losing games due to the same mistakes.

I'm getting really sick of everyone just throwing out fire hthis guy, cut that guy. If you want to suggest it fine, but firing for the sake of firing without a capable replacement is stupid.

Unless some magic is done there isnt a capable coach available that will come here knowing he's going to be gone in season and a bit anyways.

Well....pardon us for "failing to realize....".
Most of us, except you and some others, have seen this 1-5 record coming since the first game of the season when last years mess continued despite new co-ordinators and new players. We have better players who, given the right chance, could do a lot better.
A golden opportunity blown by the wrong co-ordinators being hired.
Thats why this team is "the way it is". Why do you continue this nonsense?

Why wasn't Bauman in the game from the beginning instead of Woodcock? This coaching staff makes you hit your head off the wall until it bleeds.

We have the players..we don't have coaching IMO
8) Sorry, we don't have the players !!!

Catfan13: I've been saying that for weeks but I got tired of saying Charlie should go....week after week, post after post.


I really did see some positives tonight though. Unfortunately what we saw is a still a long way from being good enough to beat most(or all) of the other teams if we keep this present coaching crew.

I never agreed with the OC and DC hirings. However this is about Taaffe. Firing head coach after head coach isnt the sloution. Getting rid of a coordinator may be the answer hwoever I won;t call for that either because I'm not sure who should replace them either.

this team has been blowing things up every August for the past few years. So I'm not sure it's nonsense I'm saying. It's nonsense blowing it up every year.

Unless some magic is done there isnt a capable coach available that will come here knowing he's going to be gone in season and a bit anyways.
Unless he wins, imagine that? You think a coach is thinking " I dont want that job cus if we lose almost every game for a year and a half they might let me go, how unfair". How bout tom higgins? the league will probably do anything for the sake of turning this around in hamilton and I am sure would give permission. I am not picking him but just saying there are coaches out there if a guy like obie digs. Who heard of trestman before the season in mtl? dave ritchie might take the job. I am sure obie has a list of guys to interview and the change will be made, and soon.

I am not a fan of Marcel or Denny.

BUT...we don't fire anyone yet. The constant "sea of change" is what has us here in the first place.

Please. Just a little stability.

This is a rebuilding year. Live with it.