Time To Fire Richie Hall In Winnipeg

Man where did this dude learn how to design defenses from? Jeff Reinebold or something? Stupid. 3-man fronts, guys way out of position, playing soft zone and looks that don't even fool Justin Goltz? This defense is worse than the 2013 defense and is the softest I've ever seen.

Fire Richie Hall!!! Enough of this already!!!

Maybe Hall is being asked to make chicken salad out of chicken spit.

No his schemes are just effin lousy, he's not a good D coordinator period and we need to run him out of Winnipeg now. DCs are hired to fix defenses, not sit around on their keister all day just running the same old junk with no new looks in it.

Fire Richie Hall and call up Kavis Reed and tell him he is now the DC in Winnipeg.

Kavis Reed is coaching under contract in Montreal

There is only one way to fix this Winnipeg defense and that's to fire Richie Hall. This must be done. Richie Hall must be given his walking papers today. Our defensive players are being held back by this clown who ruined star linebackers in Edmonton and turned their great defense into crap. Winnipeg is doing themselves no favors by hiring a dude who's accomplished nothing over the course of his career as DC. Do-nothings cannot continue to be hired as defensive coordinators.

The Blue Bombers defense being bad is 100% on Richie Hall's head and he is preventing those players from being aggressive. If we fire Richie Hall I guarantee this defense is going to take off and be lightyears better than they are right now. Bad coaching cannot be tolerated here, we need to show the players that the diseased Richie Hall will be eradicated immediately.

I guarantee $1 Million that firing this clown DC will fix our problems. All we need to do is just call up one of Montreal's position coaches and they will instantly fix this mess. Hall getting fired tomorrow is the answer. Kabamm.

He was the DC in Sask when they won the GC in 07. He cant be that bad. Sometimes the OC or DC is only as good as the players they have. Do the Bombers players have what it takes? A new DC might not make as big a difference as you outlined.
Not disagreeing with you. Just tossing out some perspective.

Should not be bailing out on Richie Hall at this early stage. Give the man some time to adjust things. Total Knee jerk reaction to can him now, and who would they bring in anyway? Unless he has lost the confidence of the defence crew already, will accomplish nothing canning him now.In fact the defence would probably just get worse causing so much uncertainty this early in the season. Need half a season at least to judge him.

I will agree though there has been little to noo D-line push really coming so far, and outside of Bass at LB have not seen/heard much out of the new LB crew. Would be nice to get Bighill out of BC somehow!

The front 7 stink, until that changes they will continue to get walked-on no matter who is coaching them.

Yup. As my signature indicates, there's only so much you can do with the players you have. The Bombers are a far cry from the Swaggerville fronts of a few years ago and until that changes, there's not much Hall can do.

I heard Mike Benevides is looking for a job.

I thought BC was paying him to do nothing the next 2 years. With no need for money right now, I would expect him to be particular about where he surfaces next.