Time to fire PINBALL?

he isn't off the radar sreen yet though.

Pinball is my second fav player ever in CFL behind Doug Flutie. My favorite CFL playerex=playercoachwhatever off the field. However, I thought when I first heard he was gonna coach the first time, that it was dumb. I just didnt see him as a coach. I think he proved me wrong, and I think he proved many others wrong, and I think he has earned the right to have a bad yr without being written off or turned on.

How could you have the heart to fire a man like Pinball!!?? I know I wouldn't...

Well like I have said before about GM's not improving the product on the field for the Coaches. Poor product poor GM plain and simple! Look at Taman! This year he has proven himself but what about those couple of years leading up to this! :lol:

WELL IF U THINK ABOUT IT.... :? if there QB goes down who is next? they didnt get any QB ready when/or the furture :stuck_out_tongue: TO is all QB ORIENTED and now when a QB goes down,they pay the price :cowboy:

it's like shooting a house with a broken leg, you just close your eyes, and swess the trigger.

but I'm not for firing Pinball, it be like firing Marshall, a bad move.

Have you ever shot a house? A house with legs :o

Houses have legs and why would you shoot a house?

Cause it has a broken leg...

and what does "swessing" the trigger involve?

please use yer inside voice :stuck_out_tongue:

you are hurting my tender ears. :lol:

i did :stuck_out_tongue:

:lol: :lol: God, I LOVE it when I spell things wrong on PURPOSE, and you guys take me seriously on it. :lol: :lol:

dont ask...shudder :o

Right, on purpose :cowboy:

I went swessing once did not like it!

Kanga you are real funny tonight you did say we take you serious! :lol: :lol:

Bumbling and unsure of himself,but at least he tried to explain why,as opposed to "the call on the field stands"with no expaination.

The funny part is he really thinks we believe him