Time to fire PINBALL?

Yes , the ARGOS have had allot of injuries , so what! :roll:

Injuries are not responsible for endless stupid pen. , dropped balls , missed tackles and fumbles. Just like in todays game against , MONTREAL.

There seems to be no disipline on the ARGOS by PINBALL , except against the CFL's number 1 team. :roll:

ALLEN , was told he was going to start today , but they decided to go with WYNN at the lest minute and to sit out BAKER. :roll:

Does he have some thing against CROUCH now?

Geeezzzzz , PINBALL that is really smart. I guess 2 and 5 isn't that bad. :roll:

Who cares if you are playing MONTREAL , any way? They are just in 1st place , way ahead of you.

The ARGOS suck because they are a team of shelfish players who are individuals and NOT a team this year. PINBALL and KENT are making the dumbest choices and should both be fired. :thdn:

I have yet to see a long pass in this game by the ARGOS.

So PINBALL it is now 19 to 0 Vs. MONTREAL in the 3rd Q and you have less than 100 total yards. :thdn:

Time for PINBALL and AUSTIN to go!

No not the Pinball, the guy has a heart of gold, he's practicing the team hard....just heard the last practice they had was a waltz in a Ballroom...ya you might be right hellothere...

Another MONTREAL F.G. set up nicely by yet another WYNN interception. Maybe they think that WYNN should play the whole game? :lol: :thdn:

MONTREAL 22 , ARGOS :lol: :thdn:

I have been saying it for years!
Pinball is a glorified cheerleader!

He wasn't bad until this year , and he did win a GREY CUP in 2004.

But he has lost it this year and so has AUSTIN. :thdn:

No, never fire the Pinball. He is heart and soul Argonaut.
But, Austin yes for sure he has to go. I know you gotta have the horses, but Austin this year and alot of last, seems out of his element.
One particular incident this year iced it for me was when he admitted or I believe it was Damaon Allen being interviewd in BC earlier while injured. Saying how there was no screen play in the playbook. Hello. Of course, the second example is Ricky Williams. Many of us knew he was not going to be the best, but certainly near the top. Poor offensive line and running scheme?

Here's a wild and crazy idea, how about blaming the players instead. Your not going to win games with Winnipeg's forth string q.b from last year and a backup q.b who is as raw as they get.

its not pinball's fault at all, keep him, the team is a joke tho.
omg did anyone hear the comentators on TSN just now? hahaha they were just laughing for the entire last 2 minutes of the game, just ripping inot the argo's for being such a joke team. funniest stuff ever.

and then the ref tries to explain the play by play, hes not even speaking a real sentance, he's just throwing words out, ansd then he cuts himself off and just says "alhouettes ball" and turns the mic off, hahahah funniest thing ever!

Well how would you have explained it?

Ouch…it’s never the players, you do have a point Argotom… Argos should fire all players, except Damon…he’s headed to the Hall Of Fame… :wink:

if i can get a review of the play, i’d be able to speak proper, then saying “argo’s, ball, pass, interception, run… uhhh alhouettes ball”


After a review he is supposed to explain what happended. I would still like to see you explain it

yes, and i just said that i would have, and ripped inot him even more.

So your spoken explaination would not be anything like the written one you just posted? :wink:

no way! not mister "American by birth, Canadian by choice"!

trashing and dissing the pinball is just so lame. Anyone who really knows football would know better. There are things that happen beyond any coaches control no matter how good they are. This kind of season could happen to Mathews or Buono. It wouldnt mean that they now are no good. Some people just dont get it, sigh

I agree with you on that point but the bottom line is the coach is always the first to go

We should here from Argo fans let them decide! I just think the Argos aging team has caught up with them.

hellothere great post.

Is it all Pinballs fault, NO. I saw a team tonight that has given up on themselves and there coach. The coach can't play out there but he can motivate these guys. There needs to be a change out there. The Argos got beat in every catagory of the game. The offence looked horrible the play selection was bad. The Argos don't even look like there trying. The score could have been much worse.

They need to make a change before the the Rogers Centre is empty.

im glad to see other peaple are talking about another coach instead of db.