time to expand the rosters?

It seems, as usual, there are many injuries already in the CFL. Toronto and Calgary both lost osome signifacant guys for a while. winnipeg and BC have lost one or two good players for a while. so now it becomes a debth thing. i understand the CFL is a league of very few left over pennies. Perhaps though we need to increase the amount of Backups aloud. im not saying they have to dress more people nessisarily, but maybe another ten bodies aloud on the P.R. thoughts?

On many occasions,I wrote about this subject; I felt, and still do, that the rosters should be expanded by 2 players, i.e.1 import and 1 non-import; the salary cap should be increased by $150,000, if 2 players are added; I would also increase the dressed players, from 42 to 44. Practice rosters should remain at 7.

I don't understand why teams are against this increase; hence,every team has at least 2 players on the 1 game injury list,eventhough these players are not hurt; we need more players on the field; if 2 players were added to the active rosters,it would improve the special teams and 2 players that are starters would not have to play on special teams; players will improve if they play in games not on the 1 game injury list.

With the imminent signing of a new NFL agreement, I would not be surprised if players on CFL practice rosters are signed by NFL teams,for training camps; there is also a possibility that NFL rosters will be increased by 3 players and practice rosters by no less than 2; we are talking about no less than 160 more players, less players available to CFL teams,hence the importance of increasing the current rosters. NFL teams can sign players on CFL practice rosters but not the ones on active rosters. If CFL teams lose players to the NFL,it will be the middle of September before some of these players could be cut by NFL teams and become available to CFL teams. For unknown reasons, CFL Management don't seem to worry. If they care about the fans and the product on the field,CFL would increase the active rosters by 2.

I know that it is a lost cause for now,but I keep hoping thay common sense will prevail.


There is no limit to how many players can go on the injured list, so unless you have 12 guys do down in one game I don't see how a team could run out of live bodies whether the roster is 42 or 44 or 50.

why do teams have players (the 4-man reserve) that don't dress, anyway? is there actually any point to that? there may very well be, but I've always found it to be pretty much useless.. there's no good reason that they can't dress and play

Agree,there is no limit on how many players can go on the 1 game injury list-I exclude the 9 game injury list,since it does not count against salary cap- but there is a limit/max with regards to salary cap; you cannot have 10 or 12 players on the 1 game injury list and presume that you won’t exceed the max. cap. Any increase in active roster has to be accompanied by an increase to the salary cap.


It's very simple, the current roster as we know is 46 of which only 42 play.
Why not let the 46 play the game and while we are at it, increase the roster to 50.
Then increase the cap to reflect the 5 new players at an average of $100k per player.
The league and the teams can afford it and especially on the eve of the new mega millions TV contract coming.
With the same PR numbers.

That's the thing. If you raise the roster, you have to raise the player budget. I'm not sure how much a player makes on reserve as opposed to dressing, but I know the PR is small change.

But I don't see the difference between dressing 42 or 46. If a guy goes down, you bring in a new body next week regardless of the roster limit. Backup QBs and kickers aside, each team has a half dozen guys that only see the field a dozen or so times a game. If you raise the roster you will just have more of those guys.

The only thing that an expanded roster will help is if you have for instance your MLB go down, then your backup MLB go down and then your backup-backup MLB go down in the same game.

More back up players makes for a better game when the need arises due to an injury or a speciality team type play.
Bye the way the average salary I have read is around $85K, so that's why I am rounding off.

Players on reserve/not playing are making the same salary as if they were playing; on practice roster they receive between $500.00 and $800.00 a week/per game.


the reason i would like some part of the roster expanded, is because then when players go down, not as much shuffling and work outs need to be done.l instead of signing someone to fill in right away, you could use a reserve player that is already familiar with the playbooks and in game shape. dreamer i know.