Time to end the relationship

There comes a time in a relationship when you just have to go your separate ways.

I think that Jason Maas and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are at that stage of their relationship right now.

The fans have lost confidence in him, if they ever had any, and I think it's to the point where he can't turn the ship around. Maybe he is a great quarterback... I just don't think he's a great QB for the Tiger-Cats and never will be.

In Edmonton he had the shadow of Ricky Ray to push him to play well... in Hamilton he doesn't have that. I don't think that Hamilton is the right place for him.

Cut our ties with him now and stop the pain before it's too late.

Timmy Chang might not be a superstar right now and Charle Taffee might say that we're not re-building... but we are.

So start Timmy Chang, let him learn through experience, and next year he'll be a force to be reconed with. And really... it's not like Timmy Change can do any worse than Jason Maas did.

I felt a longing to invite Dr. Kevorkian to join ticats.ca for a sec. LMAO :wink:

Don't hold your breath. The Tiger Cats are very slow learners.

But what I’ve been reading on the post’s to-day…
I think you have hit the nail on the head.
Since we have seen the Team…“gutted” to start the turn-around…They might as well make it a complete “gutting” and put Maas as the back-up…
Chang…sparks the Offence…Jason does not…plain and simple.

Even if Jason couldn't lift his arm to wave Kevorkian off
he would shrug him off with both his crippled shoulders, Russ.

There's always controversy, but I believe that Chang should start next week. If nothing else it will be interesting to watch him develop. A lot of other QBs have had little or no experience in this league and ended up doing very well. How about Printers and Moon just as 2 examples. Maybe Chang is another one of the unknowns who will blossom into an MVP.

I think they should start maas the next 2 games and send in Chang in the 2nd or 3rd 1/4. That way he has time to get the feel of running the off.
Also gives Mass the last chance to save the starter role.
But for god sakes make a move before the 4th game if needed.

ROTFLMAO at the mental image...

I think the consensus at the beginning of the season was that you give him 4 games, no more.

maas is crap, the guy's arm left along with the rest of his hair, time for some young blood to juice up the offense.