Time to clean house

They're not going to go very far at all so long as Elizondo is still there. Sunderland could trade his entire roster to Winnipeg for the Bombers' entire roster and Elizondo would still find a way to wreck it.


My buddy and I made a decision, if Sunderland and Elizondo are there, we're not.

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I don't know about that, he was one of the only bright spots on the team.

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I say we have seen peak Wilder, and it's time to cut him loose.

I'd bring him to camp and let him compete for a job.

Possibly - I figure let him try out somewhere else and be somebody else's project.

Now is the time for new blood and the next solid back who can be around for at least 3 seasons though it's far more common any more to have running back by committee.

Yup. It was fun to see the groups pf DB's and Safety's standing in the spots that the poor QB's were forced to throw to on offence. Two spots that they use the most are 10-15 yards downfield on either hash mark, same place BC made interception after interception last night.
I spotted that in about game 3.

The whole offence is so simple its almost grade school. I'm sure defences didn't have to spend more than 10 minutes in the film room to prep for the elks.

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This sounds like an offence in which even I could play quarterback you know.

This is the "slant" offense? Whatever the play call, slot receivers run a slant.

And damn can I take a 5-stop drop and look great throwing that ball with some practice too alright, but there is no guarantee on the result and with that sort of predictability, of course there will be plenty of pick-sixes too. :unamused:

The clown car that was the Elks front office is now empty. It's gonna be real interesting to see who their replacements will be. Get it right this time!

Problem with that is they have no connections south of the border. Heavy reliance on free agency on a very thin roster

what makes you believe that a GM or HC from Canada has no connections in the US?

And always remember that the team with the better Canadian talent has a huge advantage.

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Yea you're right. They only have recruited Americans like Brandon Alexander, Kyrie Wilson, DeAundre Alford, Deatrick Nichols, Casey Sales, Rasheed Bailey, Kelvin McKnight, Charles Nelson, Janarion Grant, ... and some bum named Kenny Lawler. Not to mention guys like Lucky Whitehead, Marcus Sayles who are now playing elsewhere. Their American contacts are total rubbish. :wink:

Kenny Lawler was in BC in 2018 and was brought in by Ryan Rigmaiden who also found Lucky and Marcus Sayles for Winnipeg and took them to BC when he left. Odd that Rigmaiden was let go.

Playing on a team leaves a person with 50 or more team related contacts that stick for life. In US college football many players go on to play and work in pro ball so the teammate that you knew in college that is working with an NFL club becomes a valuable ally for personnel recruitment.

Walters and O'Shea coming through the Guelph Gryphons system are the only two of their class working in football limiting the networking opportunities was my point.

Somewhat interesting is that they have never gone outside their inner circle with coaching hires as well. FIFO.

The point stands that their American recruitment hardly sucks.