Time to clean house

Unbelievable decline

Between Edm and Cal I feel like we have stepped into the Twilight Zone

Some guys are great football guys but just not head coaches. Not all on JE but don’t see how he survives. Also think Harris is not the answer at QB. Something about him that is not right. Never thought he had the right leadership even when he was in Ottawa. Sunderland acquired decent talent but for whatever reason they have not meshed.

Time to blow up the team and start again.

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It's clear now that Williams recognized he was not going back to that steaming hot pile and mess in Edmonton.

Actually Sunderland has done OK in my book bring in and signing players

Take him elsewhere then he can go already.

In retrospect given the most failure I have seen in my time as a fan of the Eskimos / Elks and of the CFL since 2009, I'm going to believe now that your wife is a prophet.

Please keep us posted on what sounds that involve appliances or fixtures are next heard in your residence.

Well, I guess someone in my house is a prophet too. Just as I finished reading this I heard a toilet flush.

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Your absolutely correct on BS , Elizondo as well as the president

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Umm that's hilarious! I was sitting on the couch reading this and had to do the leg lift several times cause she was vacuuming

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I don't wanna see Chris Jones back. He bailed. For the riders. Then for the states.

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The anticipation sure is building for me how about you all?

Will we be spotting those Blue Bombers three safeties in this upcoming game too, or will we just chuck a pick-six early on so as to save time instead? :roll_eyes:

Tune in on Friday night to see just what kind of new and creative football strategery will be executed via Elizondo and any trusty hands on his staff!

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Just spot us 50 points by halftime and then both teams can play the second half like it's a preseason game. 'Win win' right? :smiley: :+1:

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...and last but not least is the fact its been 58 years since an Edmonton Football team was this awful.
If we win again it will be because a team throws the game away to rest guys for the playoffs. But with the playoff race as tight as it is, I can't see that happening. And with three games in 6 days to close the season, we can make three teams playoff dreams come true


Edmonton had a lot of nerve saying there were 24,000 people at that so called game last night. They'd be lucky if there was 15,000 there. It's a real shame to see a once proud franchise get run into the ground. Oh well, after 33 yrs and going to 16 Grey Cups I guess it's time to pack it in.


Cheer up Squishy21. Your Elks have nowhere to go but up. Soon the search will begin for a new manager (he'll be smarter)... maybe you'll get one from us. Our assistants are bound to get a look. Then your freshly minted manager will quickly select a new head coach... NOT THAT JERK IN TORONTO... and your fortunes will change for the better next season.

Taylor Cornelius might play lights out ball next year behind a better line. Harris is damaged goods now. Hopefully you guys get rid of the deadwood and start fresh with a younger team. :smiley: :+1:

The problem runs deeper than the coach and GM. The heads of the organization seem to have placed too much importance on a number of things ahead of building and maintaining a winning franchise.


Whatever you do please Do Not bring back Jones. He might get u some wins in year one but he will jump ship first chance he gets and leave u worse off.

Trevor Harris just got shipped to Montreal for a defensive end, looks like it's Corny the rest of the way. 2 and 12 here we come!

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The wrong guy was cleaned out. :-1:

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It's rumored the Argos are shopping Arbuckle, maybe this is just the start of something.

Could be. The Elks just unloaded a big chunk of salary and bonuses. Very likely they were overpaying Harris somewhat.
Harris was part of four Grey Cups, two behind Ray, one he started and Burris finished in Ottawa and one loss in Ottawa to Calgary.

With the bye week I expect we will see more activity this week.