Time to clean house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Milanovich and Barker have taken the ship into a rocky outcrop and it's just about sunk to rock bottom. Milanovich is a dopey clueless tool and basically has been since day one. He fluked Grey Cup 100 but he's soon to be 43-44 as TO's head coach. He over rates talent as does his flunky GM Barker. Pull Willy, he'll like that. Lefevour must start the second half but won't because Milo is more stubborn and conservative then our former PM Harper.
Barker has screwed this team for the next five years if the organization survives at this point. What a total shiteshow.

Getting to the point that Ownership may be forced to make a move. Two years left on both Barker and Milanovich's contracts. The owners could probably be able to eat the contracts if they wanted to. I would keep Barker on as GM for now unless someone was available to do both jobs.
Milanovich would probably catch on with another team as an assistant next year, so they wouldn't have to pay him full salary. Or they could just buy him out.
Whatever the case, the Team has quit on him and when that happens its game over. You can't keep changing the players and blaming them.
Success in the League was staring them right in the face today in the form of Calgary. While Drew Willy is no Bo Mitchell and will never be. The Offensive Line of Calgary averages 6'5 320 pounds and not all Canadians or bust. Big bull of a running back in Messam who looked like a Bear running through a pack of beagles. But Milanovich is all hung up on having a small running back, plus just the 5 men on the Line with everybody else out running in circles. Makes a non running QB like Willy or Ray very vulnerable to getting pommeled. Dumb Coaching and dumb recruiting, although I expect Barker was trying to bring in the type of player Milanovich was asking for.
Time for a change.

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It was time to clean house a year ago.

They started cleaning house last week.
I agree Barker has done a poor job and should be replaced by a new team of management.

I don't mind Barker, who discovered Chad Owens and landed us Rickey Ray, but Milanovich needs to go.

Montreal discovered Chad Owens. Barker just got him from there. Barker found Harris and Collaros and hopefully our future qb in Cody Farjardo.

Spock Milanovich is on cheap drugs:

Adam Gagnon/CFL.ca
TORONTO – It wasn’t the result they wanted but for the Toronto Argonauts, the loss against the Calgary Stampeders was a step in the right direction.

After a shakeup last week shipped three of the Argos’ top receivers out of Toronto, the Argonauts had to look to their younger receivers, like Diontae Spencer, Brian Jones and Kenny Shaw, to fill the spots of the trio.

In the Boatmen’s first game with their new-look offence, Toronto matched up against the league’s top group in the Stampeders – a tough task for any team to handle this season, let alone a team going through personnel changes.

» Recap: Stampeders Stifle Argonauts; clinch top spot in West Division
» The Replacements: A who’s who of the Argos’ receiving corps
» Standings: Argos sit third in the East

Adam Gagnon/CFL.ca
Toronto head coach Scott Milanovich looks on as his team takes on the Stampeders on Thanksgiving Monday (Adam Gagnon/CFL.ca)

Toronto went down early against the red-hot Stamps, trailing 35-6 after the first half, only scoring on two field goals from Lirim Hajrullahu in the opening two quarters.

But it was the second half, where they outscored the Stamps 14-13, that proved to head coach Scott Milanovich there was still plenty of fight left in his club.

“I was watching some of the veteran guys, I told them at half time that when you’re in a situation like that, you have two choices. You can either quit or you can fight. And (Justin) Hickman breaking through on the punt to block it (was an example of the team fighting),? Milanovich said when asked if he saw his team’s effort level deteriorate throughout the game. “There were four or five guys in particular that I saw that were doing everything.

“Cory Greenwood made a couple plays on the last drive when we were down by 25 that you don’t make if you don’t have some character.?

It was that effort that led to the Argonauts putting points on the board in the second half. Hickman’s blocked punt led to quarterback Drew Willy finding Spencer who plunged in for the Argos’ second major of the ball game. Shaw scored the first touchdown, taking advantage of a turnover in the third quarter, when Willy found the receiver wide open in the end zone.

Spencer finished his night with four receptions for 32 yards and a touchdown, while Shaw led all Argo receivers with six receptions for 70 yards and a touchdown. Jones, in his first start as an Argonaut, caught five passes for 39 yards.

Overshadowed by the loss was how sound quarterback Willy played in just his second start in the Double Blue.

Also playing in his first start at home, Willy completed 26-of-31 passes for 215 yards and two touchdowns against a stellar Calgary defence. His completion percentage on the night, 83.9 per cent, ranked eighth in Argonauts single-game history.

Milanovich didn’t want to make excuses for his pivot after back to back losses, first in Montreal and then against the Stamps, but he did recognize that Willy had been put in unique situation coming into an entirely new team where he had to learn a new playbook.

“He’s played two games against two tough defences. Drew is going to have the unfortunate task of having to play Calgary four times this year,? Milanovich said of Willy’s first two starts with the Boatmen. “It wasn’t the easiest first two starts for him but he’s doing a nice job. There are some things that he needs to fix. He’s missed a couple reads that you wouldn’t miss if you knew the system a little longer. But he’s competing out there.?

And that’s all the Toronto bench boss wants out of his club if they want to turn their season around. They still have a legitimate chance of making the playoffs with the East Division anyone’s for the taking. The Argos are just three points behind the first place REDBLACKS and two behind the second place Tiger-Cats. A couple wins, combined with Ottawa or Hamilton losses, will catapult Toronto up the standings.



Before they can look too far into the future, Toronto only has one thing on their mind: the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

The Argos host Saskatchewan in Week 17, who despite their 4-10 record has been playing well over the past few weeks, in a game where they need to win to keep their playoff hopes alive.

“You can only play one game at a time,? Willy said when asked about looking ahead to the final three games of the regular season. “This week it will be Sask. It was obviously already a must win, but now it depends on what happens (in the rest of the East). I’m not sure how it’s all going to work out but we just need to win.?

The Argos have a short week to make improvements before the game against the Riders on Saturday where Milanovich hopes his team can get back to what they love doing the most: winning football games.

“Football’s not much fun when you don’t win,? said the Toronto head coach. “Every game tears your heart out, you feel sick and when you wake up the next morning it’s terrible. Everybody in the league will tell you that after every loss. Whether Calgary loses their second game, it’s going to feel the same way to (head coach) Dave (Dickenson).

“The thing that keeps you coming back is the great feeling that you have when you win and the comradery and the relationships in that locker room.?

Milo and Barker have made the team into the laughing stock of the league. Both can piss off!!!

Right now I'd have to rate Awful Joe Mack and Napkin Boy, Brendan Taman as better than J. Barker.

Milo looks to be in coaching company with head coaching legends such as:

Count Barfula
Rainman Huard
Champ Chamblin
Jeff Reinbold
Maggot Kelly
Tim Burke
Jim Popp

Nice going Milly

Milanovich seems to have procured a rare copy of Cal Murphy's 'Excuses for Failed Coaches' on e-bay!

Have to give him credit for saying the fans pay hard earned money and deserve to show their anger. Milanovich and Barker have run out of steam and they've sunk the boat.

Remember never trust a fat vegetarian like Barker. Milanovich is showing his family roots as he's related to the Three Stooges. He's grandfather was the dumb one who said very little. Just like Milo on the sidelines.

Spock Milanovich is emotionless but illogical. Phasers on stun! (whatever :expressionless: ).

Total agree with Argonauts est 1873...Cody Fajardo looked great in limited action. Could he be the Jonathan Jennings for us? I would love us to go with a young QB and grow the team around him. This kid looks like the real deal.

Look up Fajardo’'s stats while at Nevada and his high school in Arizona. Big strong qb who can pass, run and win because that’s all he’s done in his football career. I’m afraid that if Milo stays he won’t know how to coach a qb that’s mobile and not the pylon type that he likes. They better not screw his career as an Argo up.

Fajardo reminded me a little of Collaros, only bigger and stronger. He isnt Milo's typical pocker passer, but with the issues we've had on the O'line, a pocket passer is not what we need. Gives the defence something else to think about. He made me a fan right away.

You think like me so you must be a great guy. haha.

Fajardo impressed me also. Showed a lot of heart in his one, short Argo performance ... you could see it ... opposed to the other Argo players on the field at the time. Milanovich is a tool.

Yes I would like to see more of Fajardo, but he might not be Milanovich’s type of a stay in the pocket QB. The other downside of a running QB, except for Ricky Ray and Drew Willy of course, is that they have a hard time staying healthy :slight_smile:

Does Milo get axed after this game?