…AND this after just witnessing 3 quarters…Berry has lost this team…no effort…we’re done…time to start over for next year… bring in Randall, make a trade do something … we stink////this is worse than the Daley era…over and out… :lol: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Unbelievable!!! WE ARE A JOKE!!! After another failed drive the offense casually walks off the field with their heads down! They did the same thing at home to BC!! No improvement in attitude or performance. We are dead in the water. Something has to change!! What? I wish I had the answers!!
1 and 6!!! Good bye playoffs!

...GIVE ME A BREAK....LOL LOL....Black says Als. dynamic team....ho ho...anyone could beat these" yukin' it up on the sidelines" BOO BOMBERS....IF the management doesn't do bloody something....CAN the whole bloody works .. what a pitiful excuse for a football team.. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

that's the spirit zoo.

...Berry says flush the first third of the season....while he's at it ..Doug would you please flush tourself...along with Cartwrong...and that poor bloody excuse of a special teams coach.......this is more than brutal...////

Tough to win with all the crappy play calling. Get rid of Cartwright, replace him with an aggressive OC (or let Berry do it) and things will turn around.

Bring back Reinbold if that was the guys name. Look this team has it complacency. I know you will disagree but Taman did not bring any one to push these guys. So there is not threat of losing their jobs. This can be the result. I feel for you bomber fans. It does not look any better in the schedule. Maybe you can play Calgary again soon but this time there will be a different result I am sure.
You have to start house cleaning at the top and work down. Otherwise Bauer will just continue with the same old same old. Thats find one good thing out of this. You do have great "cheerleaders"

Seriously, Cam Hall's comment (IMO - misinterpreted winnipeg fans as 'corrupt'. . . let's be honest the guy is not too bright an individual) is by/large the hilite of this season so far.

We need a massive coup in order to reap the rewards!

Lethargic play on the field, means we're all obese by epic proportions!!!