Time to change the logo back

Can't make it any clearer:

Our record since the logo was changed:
10 wins. 37 losses

We've tried every other gimic to win, why not wear the old logo this Friday? What have we got to lose.

Best line of the year:
Leaving the stadium 10 minutes before the end of the Labour day game, there was a huge jam at the Balsam gate exit. One guy yells out: "this team is so bad, you have to line up to leave". Broke everyone up.

Best athletic performance by the home side last Saturday night: McMaster Cheerleaders.

Bring back the old style jerseys with the stripes down the arms and the vintage logo on the helmets. Because real tigers have stripes. Please Bob do it now.....

Here's another gem from a fan at the Winnepeg game...the only one that shows up to play for Hamilton is the ball!

old uniforms, old logos, just use white pants instead of gold.

Also painted endzones and remove the soccer lines on ivor wynnes turf.

yea and take out that big video screen!!!
It's got much quieter since that thing was put in, we don't need a video screen telling us when to cheer.
Most people don't know what's going on, they are watching the video. We don't need replays, we saw it the first time - live.

Take out that field turf, put in real grass and mud.
Get rid of Tim Hortons, what was wrong with the old instant coffee.
Bring back the old smells in the bathrooms.
Bring back the cold hot dogs and get rid of pizza.
Bring back smoking and leave the drunks alone.
We don't need a family zone or childrens prices for tickets - we don't need future fans - we need fans now!!
Bring in owners from Toronto who really knew what was best for Hamilton!

Good call Mike...I say dig Harold Ballard up...no, REALLY DIG HIM UP!! Let's do it OLD SCHOOL!

Ballard brought us a Grey Cup (and in less than five years, too).

New unis and new logo(s) are great.

We can always go retro now and then, and I hope we do becuse I still love the old logo, the yellow helmets and striped sleeves.

Maybe some good ideas .

Now we have new logo
new unis
new coaching
new offence
new defence
but no heart
no pride
almost no wins

yah, I'm sure it's the new logo that's causing the team to lose...not.
I think the new logo on the black helmets is great.
We have the best uniforms in the league. The black helmets look fierce, as does the logo. It's not like we completely changes the logo like some teams do(ie: Buffalo Sabres). At first glance it's exactly like the old logo, only updated to be more graphic. That splash of red on the tongue is cool too. I can see people not liking the other logo of the standing tiger with the curly type, but can't see how anyone could have a problem with the one on the helmet...it's gr888!!!

Leather helmets?

Maybe if they make the forward pass illegal we will be unbeatable. Our coaches don't seem to know that you're allowed to throw more than 5 yards down field anyways. Bob pull some strings at CFL headquarters and make this happen!

I would be satisfied if the Labour Day Classic and Hall of Fame games featured a gold-helmet, retro-tiger, striped-sleeved, gold-panted throwback look that Reebok could make sell like hotcakes.

I don't think the team is going to ditch Tony The Tiger anytime soon. That's life.

Oski Wee Wee,