Time to 'BRING IT LOUD" and prove O'$<!> wrong

HAMILTON -- For years they were known as the rudest and crudest fans in the CFL, and probably the loudest, at least per capita.

But Blue Bomber head coach Mike O'Shea says that tag may no longer belong to fans in the Steel City.

“I would challenge that,? O'Shea said as the Bombers arrived Saturday. “It would be interesting to see some Hamilton fans come out and see what they do in Winnipeg. Or what they do in a couple other western cities. Because it's pretty loud where we are, too.?

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/2015/08/08/bombers-coach-oshea-misses-ivor-wynne]http://www.winnipegsun.com/2015/08/08/b ... ivor-wynne[/url]

We've officially been challenged Tiger Town. How will we react?

Hi O'Shea.

Dont worry about us fans, try to focus on other things like not taking a 52-26 a*s whoopin.

Way to bring it OShea

We were quieter tonight. Going up so far so fast took a lot of the tension away. Then again, the row in front of us, a number in Ticat jerseys, were putting their fingers in their ears and throwing nasty looks back our way- especially to the 2 guys who were sitting next to my wife and me. They had their mini-horns. I mean, I sat right NEXT to the guy and had it blowing in my ear all night and I an't deaf so if I could stand it.... Some people just don't like noise no matter the reason, I guess.

How'd that work out for you O'Shea?

Watching on TV, the crowd definitely did not sound as loud but then the team had a commanding lead. There were a few times though, when the Bombers were on offense and I felt like yelling "Make some noise"!!! I suspect that with the huge lead that kept the crowd quieter overall, O'Shea will not be convinced that Hamilton has the louder crowd!

I wonder how much of the quieter crowd had to do with the fact that (yes we didn't know it at the time, but maybe we did?>) we had already wrapped up the game 7 minutes in and the crowd relaxed? :smiley:

I suspect that the early commanding lead had EVERYTHING to do with it. Personally I felt that the end result was never in doubt although I did think the Bombers might score a few more points and the final score would be a bit closer. Not disappointed of course with the way it turned out! :smiley: :smiley: