Time to bring in a dominant RB

We need to take some pressure off Evans by having a real threat at RB. I realize Irons was hurt early in the game but even when healthy he is not a game changer…he might develop into one over time but we need help now.

I think I agree with ya here. I wouldn’t be sad if we brought Green back.

Always good for a yung new starter to have a strong Run game.
Especially a power downhill runner(s)

With Mazola out this frees up Cap space ! $Green machine ! Im sure he will be with Jones in Houston come Feb!?

No need to bring in another import running back at this time. You can expect to see Cameron Marshall dressed for his first game of the season against B.C… He’s a good solid running back who just finished his stint on the 6-game injury list.

Absolutely, we need someone who can start pounding, protect Evans and better help move the chains.

and BC was horrible defending the run against Sask

Cameron Marshall runs hard. He has talent. We haven’t seen much of him since he’s been out west his whole CFL time. You’ll see that, if you watch some of his highlights. He’s the best we’ve got, at this time.

Definitely need a big hard running RB. Sutton is out there too if Marshall is still hurt.

Marshall’s listed on the PR now. Sutton would create a nice 1-2 punch. And both would protect Evans in the passing game. I think the Canadian RB experiment went down with Thomas-Erlington.

Cant we talk Mercer Timmis out of retirement?

Irons is rookie and is doing fine as a starter, if he’s healthy he starts. His 100 yard game will come.

Let’s just go down to the 'Dominant Running Back store". Even better if they have a rentals section, I suppose.

Who can we trade for Gable? ;D

Depends if Irons is healthy enough to start next week.
if he is then we are good.

With our ratio flexability we could even dress Marshall as a backup.
Great to have roster flexability IF YOU USE IT

I know one person that probably thinks we can just go get Andrew Harris - for likely a 5th round pick.

If this team wants go to the next level, the Canadian experiment is not working. Why is Cameron Marshall on the practice roster ? They need a dominant down hill runner. Why is this so hard to figure out. Name a dominant Tiger Cat running back in the past 15 years.

You go first


They also haven’t won the cup in the last 15 years. But, I’d say Alex Green, who they should bring back, was pretty close. CJ Gable had the potential to be if he was actually utilized. When was Troy Davis a cat?