Time to boycott CHML?

CHML on-air personality Scott Thompson’s daily rant today (Mon July 6) viciously attacked the TiCats and blamed them totally for the stadium location fiasco. No mention of the City’s and others who stubbornly supported West Harbour, ignoring the numerous negatives, with no consideration for any other site.

Thompson either conveniently forgets or is ignorant of the teams ambitious plans for West Harbour given support and the go-ahead to build on the East Mountain.

Maybe some day he will get his head out of his butt, unlikely, and face reality but it’s seems easier and advantageous to assassinate the team now that CHML no longer has game broadcast rights.

But passing off a ranting opinion piece blaming the TiCats (and Bob Young) as fact is specious, disingenuous, malicious and just plain wrong… IMHO.

(And/or email CHML with objections to the one-sided, erroneous commentary.)

You might want to take back that "ignorant" claim because the Tiger Cats NEVER supported the West Harbour.

In fact it was the Tiger Cats (bob young) that killed West Harbour

[url=http://www.thestar.com/sports/football/argos/2010/08/11/hamilton_picks_harbour_site_for_stadium.html]http://www.thestar.com/sports/football/ ... adium.html[/url] [url=https://cfldb.ca/single-points/2010/05/bob-young-torpedoes-west-harbour/]https://cfldb.ca/single-points/2010/05/ ... t-harbour/[/url]

I think longtime was referring to the amphitheatre proposal put forth by the Ticats I believe that I am sure would have had some financial support from the TiCats for such a project. That was shot down by the city though.

Ok, found this:

Tiger-Cats Propose Comprehensive Alternative West Harbour Vision

[url=http://ticats.ca/tiger-cats-propose-comprehensive-alternative-west-harbour-vision/]http://ticats.ca/tiger-cats-propose-com ... ur-vision/[/url]

You must also be ignorant of the fact that if allowed to build the stadium on the East Mountain, the team was willing to build/support a 3,500 seat outdoor amphitheatre and populate it in partnership with Live Nation.

There was also a plan to convert the planned velodrome (killed by a short-sighted City Council) into a community/rec center.

I ask you... what would have been better for the West Harbour area and the City. A stadium (not recommended in the City's own Setting Sail plan) that may have been used 30 or so times a year or an amphitheatre potentially used weekly, 8 to 9 months of the year. And a community/rec centre used daily all year round.

The West Harbour made no business sense to the team, as tenants, expected to contribute millions to a stadium it wasn't going to own.

The present location may not be any better (both it and West Harbour sites buried in a residential area) but it was that or nothing due to stalling and obfuscation by WH supporters. As Andrews Dreschel opined in The Spec, no matter what anyone thinks of the PanAm Games, Hamilton at least received a top-class stadium it would never have otherwise.

(Earl... correct. I still have the full-colour pamphlet proposal distributed by the team at the announcement held at Carmens.)

I hope the ampitheatre idea is resurrected by whomever, it's a much smaller footprint than a stadium at WH and I don't think would negatively impact from a footprint aspect any of the residential ideas coming forth, might dovetail nicely actually.

So we are going to start up another "Stadium location" thread???...................... :roll:
the blame game again??? :thdn:

...said the contributor to said thread.

SMH. :roll:

The location is done, that story is ancient history, move on.

8) Boycott CHML you say ??
  Who even listens to that station anymore ??    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

  It is now only a tattered, pathetic shell of the once good station it used to be, 20 plus years ago !!    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

During the stadium debate, CHML was lock step with the Tiger cats on seemlingly every turn. Rarely, did those who opposed the team's desires get a fair hearing or even a hearing at all.

Interesting that now they are no longer the broadcast partner, their tune has so dramatically changed.

Hypocrisy indeed.

I used to listen to them to get the Tiger cat games.

I'm not a news hound, so I don't go there otherwise. To be fair, 680 news is never on my radio either.

LOL!!! You beat me to the punch :lol: Let me just add that in order to boycott something like a radio station,don’t you have to listen to it in the first place ? :roll:

I wasn't the one to suddenly start the blame game again and lay the stadium debacle all at the feet of Bob Young and the TiCats.

I was simply trying to set the record straight with facts to counter a rather uncalled for, vicious, uninformed hatchet job disguised as a radio commentary opinion piece.

Basically set the record straight.

At this point, if you are still whining about the West Harbour, you need to move on with your life. Simple as that. The stadium is built, it's great, it's not changing, if you don't want to support the Ti-Cats for the role they had in it, that's fine, but at this point, if you are still screaming in rage over it, then you will either never stop and are just wasting my time when I have to listen to it, or you have some kind of neurosis that you need to deal with for your own good.

I was on the West Harbour side myself, but seriously, it's time to move on.

Scott Thomson is probably the most uneducated radio personality there is. He rants about crap that is beyond logic. And, if he happens to have a guest on his show who he disagrees with or a caller on the phone, he just talks over them.
The man is an idiot and I've stopped listening to CHML other than traffic reports when I need to.
He is certainly not an intellectual person.
He used to be funny when he did the morning show years ago. Wonder what happened to him.

I'm not the one who keeps raising the issue, is whining about the situation, "screaming with rage" or is the neurotic one. With your insults, it sounds like you're the one with continued bitterness and problem.

I was just pointing out the TiCats and Bob Young were not wholly, or mostly, responsible for the site fiasco, despite continued "whining" and blame being cast by certain elements in the (WH) community who yes, will not let it go. I'm just not prepared to accept the continued revisionist history and misdirected blame.

I'm Ok with the site as without the last minute choice, we wouldn't have a new stadium at all.

So yes, peace out and let it go.

longtime; Unlax. Scott Thompson is entitled to his opinion no matter how silly and irrelevant it may be. Why he brought the issue up at this stage is a mystery. Do your own boycott. Don't listen to him.

Kudos to the Ticats for sticking too "not the harbour". Dropped my son off for the Canada Day fireworks and it took forever to get out of there. I couldn't imagine doing that for a whole season.

Yes, I'll follow the advice in my own question and not continue with a service/business I deem unacceptable.

But I'll still challenge when I feel it's hit 10 at the top of the Baloney Meter :slight_smile: (see recent news ratings on political comments and game playing)

mr62cats wrote: Why he brought the issue up at this stage is a mystery
Yes indeed. :?