Durant bleeds green and white he is our man!!!!!!! 2 seasons as a starter in the league and look at his numbers enough said.

WRONG!!!!! It is not time to boot Darien Durant. It is time to say to him " It's OK". Thanks for getting us this far, we do indeed look forward to next year. People's memory is so short!! Remember Nealon Greene? Michael Bishop? Our quarterbacks are the most scrutinized in the league so turning our backs on our star quarterback only serves to alienate him. I'll tell you what, if you can do so much better than Durant, get a tryout in training camp next year. No? OK then get serious. Durant can win in any given situation and he has shown that. 2 consecutive Grey Cup appearances, first one lost by a bad penalty, the second lost by a mere 3 points. Sounds to me like the future is very bright, it is not time to blow up the team. A kick returner would be nice though......

No way.. He is good and will just improve I think.. He needed to run more yesterday.. When Durant has a good run, and I mean a really good run... we always win.. I dont know why he didnt run more..

Hmmm? No I tink we would be better off booting you and anyone that thinks like you...GO AWAY....no really please just go away you are not a rider fan and you never will be and you can not fool us.

Completely disagree! DD is a young QB...If Kent Austin can see the talent, we should too. Mistakes were made in the game, not just because of DD. We are always so quick to point fingers as we want someone to blame. Fact is, we are a team. We lost as a team. We had a great year! What a centennial year!

...lol, it's not like Hufnagel and Buono are cruising the forum, see this and go "eureka!, I'm going after Durant for sure now!"...

....DD is a fine QB, a keeper, continue to build around him and your team will enjoy success....

Even as a Als fan, that post game interview by Durant almost broke my heart. Must be really tough on the guy...

I'd actually see Edmonton, Toronto or Winnipeg trying to pick up such an A-lister if the opportunity presented itself. Maybe BC...

We'll take him here in Hamilton! :thup:


Durant has only started for two years, give him a chance to mature and get better. For crying out loud, he brought you to “The Dance” two years in a row. Who would you like instead…Casey Printers? :roll: :roll:

Sporty knows best.

Coaching this, coaching that. Doug Berry HAS built his offense around Darian Durants skill set. You want him to run a little more next season? Ok dont start crying when our season is over by week 5 because Durant gets put out with a broken leg. You only see what the camera angles show you, and the camera angles do not show you what those linebackers are doing on every play.

Isn't Crandell the QB coach? Maybe get rid of him for a coach that can teach DD to read a defence quicker and better. I don't recall Crandell being all that good a QB so I can't imagine he has a lot to teach DD? Just a thought.

No way! Once he's won a Grey Cup for us, then sure, we can turn on him ala Kent Austin circa 1993, Ron Lancaster circa 1972-77, .... and wait what, another 19 or 23 years for a cup? I guess it's what we do.

Rider fans turned on Lancaster, they turned on Austin and they'll turn on Durant. You heard it here first.

Man, was I out to lunch !! Suffice to say, I obviously didnt take the all factors in account & let frustration with the loss get to me. My bad. Wait for next year. Like it was pointed out, 2 grey cup appearances ("the Dance") 2 years in a row is no small feat. Now......long winter ahead until next season. Cheers & go Riders !!

It is so uplifting when a fellow believer sees the light … :lol: :wink: :thup: :wink: :smiley:

I wonder if Als fans had the same ridiculous ideas when Calvillo lost a couply Grey Cups. Give some credit to the other team, get behind Durant, and see how many cups he brings to Saskatchewan.

Logging onto this forum, and seeing this thread headline right at the top just made my blood boil...there is Nothing in your argument that offers the slightest degree of intelligent or rational argument!! You are obviously writing out of frustration...but even that is hardly an excuse!! I, and i am sure, millions of others are also disappointed and frustrated with what happened in the game, but we have enough perspective, rationality, and capacity for logical thinking to know and understand Darian's value to the Roughriders, and his obvious skills and intelligence. We have enough of the above-stated qualities to be able to look at the game in its entirety and assess the whole picture in light of the work of the entire team relative to their opponents. Being that the originator of this post obviously lacks perspective, lacks rationality, and has little or no capacity for logical thought, I can only advise them to strive to obtain such attributes in their own thinking before they inflict any more brainless and irrational arguments on the rest of us...

No way, are you kidding. I know seven other teams that would be glad to take him off our hands. Keep Durant for the next 10 years.