Is it just me, or is the rest of Rider Nation tired of the hot/cold of Darien Durant ? The sputtering second 1/2, with 7 or 8 series ending in a punt ? or the icing on the cake, blowing the last series to give the damn Alouettes the Cup ? The defence played their best game of the year and kept them in it. Darien let them down, like he did for most of the second 1/2 of the season...... maybe it's time to look for new leadership on the field, as in a new quarterback ? Food for thought :cowboy:

Sorry, but no way. Under LaPolice the guy was very good, just young and inexperienced. Under Berry, no QB would have done any better. Why wasn't he running the ball or moving out of the pocket???

Lets say its just you! will everyone be happy when he's playing for emonton or better yet calgary. Wake up people do you think mabey montreal was that good, I do I seen Durant look at his recivers and then take the option to dump the ball off to the side. He did everything he could with some suspect play calling once again burning the time out to freeze a kicker didnt learn anything over last year. Sorry but durant dosent give up we stick with him because if Tamen dumps this guy close the doors on the rider nation we will be the bottom of the league. But please stand at the tallest podium and tell all of canada how we should get rid of one of the best QBs in the game so he dosent want to be here remember you are the minorty.

When it comes down to it, the defense was the ones who stayed on the field because the defense couldnt stop a very good Calvillo. It is hard for an offense to come onto the field after sitting on the sideline for 8 minutes while the Alouette offense, to their credit and not to anything the Riders were doing wrong, sat on the field.
The last interception I dont pin on Durant either. He did what any quarterback would do in that situation; try and get rid of the football. It just so happens Durant was a few yards too short from the sideline. Had he been sacked, it would have been 3rd and 20 something, and they more than likely would have turned the ball over anyway. Give credit where credit is due and move on. Durant is the best young quarterback that we have seen here in quite some time. I would rather realise that he is human, and have a chance to win every week then go back to the Marvin Graves, Nealon Greenes and so on that we have seen here in the past.

Are you nuts!!! it is his second year as a starter. I would like to see him move the pocket a little more, but that is not his decision alone. He has potential to be amazing. He brought his team to the cup 2 years in a row...how many QBs can say that for the start of their career. Are you blind to the game Getzlaf played...there were 5 balls he had a fair chance at...one was a blatant drop, 1 he probably should have had, 3 were possible but tough catches. Yeah, he made some bad plays, but so did AC. The INT is easy to shake your head at, and he probably should have run once he got loose...it was a nice INT, and DD was clearly trying to throw it away...which is the correct play...throw it out of bounds, stop the clock. Look at the tackle he just broke...that was amazing...he just under threw it by a yard. AC and DD put up pretty similar numbers except for in the 3rd, when they could not move the ball, and a big part of that is stupid play calling like 2nd and 3 and calling a 25 yard pass every time. DD has the ability, he just needs the right OC to back him up, much like Joseph...he was amazing in Saskatchewan, because he had the right OC in Miller.

I would hope you are in the minority. I am proud of Darian Durant I think someday we'll look back at your post and you will agree it was crazy. Durant has many great seasons ahead of him and I really hope the majority are with the Riders.


Get rid of Durant? First, that's ridiculous. He's a great young QB who is only going to get better. Second, you ditch him and some other CFL team will say thank you very much as they scoop him up. Third, who's his replacement? Dinwiddie?

As an Als fan, I understand the frustration with multiple GC losses, but don't throw Darian under the bus. Sometimes you have to lose in order to learn how to win.

Well said. The Als are the team of the decade, and were a the beginning of last season, and they only had 1 cup. They hve been there what...8 or 9 times, and AC just won his third. DD is 2 for 2 as a starter. Are you saying the Als should have given up on AC after a couple losses in the big game. The Als have had a great dynasty, but only the one cup in 92 until the past couple years. The cup is the goal, but it is not the only measurement of a teams success. If the Als had lost today, they would still hold the best dynasty of the past decade, and AC would still beone of the best QBs of all time. I think that DD is doing great.

Dariant Durant est un quart-arrière hors du commun, et si vous n'en voulez plus à Regina, nous le prendrons à Montréal n'importe quand. Ce gars-là est a un grand avenir devant lui, et vous devriez le gartder.

Exactly. We went through our own B2B heartache, losing in 2005 to Edmonton (triple OT, no less) and in 2006 to BC (thanks largely to a Robert Edwards fumble). I think the Riders are where we were a few years ago -- a very, very good, very talented football team that just needs to get the bounces and learn how to execute just a tad better in big games. Nobody is born with that knowledge. You learn by going through the fire. We're 3/8 in Grey Cups. Durant is 0/2. Calvillo has lost more than twice the number Durant has lost, yet Anthony is rightly considered one of the all-time greats.

Show some patience with Darian. If you don't, as LeStaf said, we'll be happy to take him off your hands! :stuck_out_tongue:

My two cents, here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=63475 :cowboy:

Some evidently need to apply the old "don't post for 24 hours after a loss" rule to themselves tonight. Hopefully these get rid of Durant statements are just in the aftermath of frustration after a heartbreaking loss. If not, well, uh, okay, uh, righhhttt.

Durant cannot go!! He goes the riders will fall, he is a good leader that will only get better, if not sum other team will get him and the riders will not have anyone to look up too. Cant put the blame on Durant.

Considering you can't even spell his name right, my guess is that you don't pay much attention to what goes on during football games anyways. So no, we won't take your advice. You take your precious little opinion and go tell your friends that don't really like hanging out with very much anyways, your plans for coaching superiority.

Name another QB in the CFL that has taken his team to back to back Grey Cups . . .

if you get rid of Darian, you may as well get rid of Fantuz and Dressler and Getzlaf and Bagg and Cates and a few others.

because you'd be totally giving up on the team and its progress.

sure we have lost again but look at it, We got beaten by a better team.

it's not like they stole it this time.

The Riders, if the coaching staff and Management do what is right will get better and the Als have hit their peak.

Just allow this game to soak in for a while before you make such a ridiculous statement again!

Sorry I know by posting it kicks this repugnant post to the top of the page but we need 35-40 people to start any kind of thread they can think of to get this stupid topic to drop off the main page. This is just the thing that makes the rest of the league salivate over our players. So please everyone NO MORE POSTS ON THIS THREAD and let it die an early death. 14 replies just gives these comments more life. Hell 1 reply was to much. To expand on an earlier post maby you should wait until next years home playoff game before you should post again.

Getting rid of Darian Durant would be the most absolutely stupid thing that the Riders could do!!!

So, naturally, that is probably exactly what Taman will do. But I hope not.

If the Riders could get an OC who could plan games around DD's skillset (running and moving), and make decent mid-game adjustments, instead of forcing the QB into a system that is not working, and does not maximize the talent on the field, the team would be much better off.

The idea of the thread is right, but the title is wrong. It should read Time To Boot Berry

Another jackass comes out after the Rider lose. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: