Time to blow it up?

Is it time to blow up this team?

Meaning, fire management, coaching staff, and getting rid of prominent players like Maas and Ranek, and start over from scratch.

Bring in traders !

Bucko Pierce to Hamilton ..... :thup:

Kinda hostal isnt it!LOL

Keep ranek give the man his due. The Oline sucks and cant block for him. Every decent running back has a decent oline.

Blow up the top and let the new brass begin evaluating the players for talent, commitment and value to new football system, and get the jump on next season. Should not cut players for the sake of change, as players such as Ranek may have value to an actual offensive scheme. Hard to figure any player in this league having success with our game plan as current.


While I don't blame a player like Ranek, I can't help wondering what has happened to his psyche. It's got to be poisoined. It might be better for him to go elsewhere so that he can shed any psychological damage and baggage that this season is bound to cause any player.

Who are you going to bring in NOW to replace all of these people?

Either work in and alternate the two backs Ranek and Holmes or trade Ranek away for a good O Lineman

I said it before and I guess I'll say it again. We need to give our offence a complete 180. Instead of all these dink and dunk passes, let's run the ball 40 times a game. 40! 20 for Ranek, 20 for Holmes and Radlein blocking on every single run.

It can't be a worse offensive strategy can it? We didn't score any points last night. Saskatchewan CONCEDED all the points last night. 3 safeties and two punt singles.

Yeah we will just keep doing this ever year, and never build a team.

Yes and No.

Management, coaches yes.

Players, no.

If we don't see a change after the changes in coaching philosophy (Offensively mostly), then players.