Time Ticat QBs called their own plays

I think it's time Printers called his own plays. Let the OC see what can be done when someone with a brain runs the offence. It's working in Toronto and Montreal and it will work with Casey or Richie. Anything is better than the play calling to date.

There is no way our backup can be trusted to call his own plays . I have Zero confidence in him as it is and i`m very sure he would not be able to call his own plays .

I wish we would bring in an experienced backup and let our 3rd stringer be the QB of the future .

Yeah, but would he have chosen to line up in the shotgun on 2nd and 1?

Doubt it...even if that was his first game of football ever, he wouldn't have done something that dumb.

Then, pretty much any team with living players would've been able to smack it in for 6 from the 4. Game would've been one...discussion would be moot.