Time running out for JoJuan...


The world is unfolding as you said.....

The thing is…with Zeke Moreno in the middle playing really good and everything else. no matter who we have in the outside linebacking positions Moreno will get them pumped up and they will be playing hard. I think Jamacia Jackson and Ray Mariuz have the capability to be really good this year. I would rather spend our money for a good pass rush this season.Add a Eddie Davis to the secondary or a Ian Logan or something like that also and we should be fine.


you do know that without a solid outside backer to force the play to the middle, moreno wouldn't have had half as many takles right?

if #32 isn't playing on the strong side, precious 'zeke and destroy' might not add up to peoples hype, or last years stats.


I'll even wager that if we lose Jojaun, Moreno won't break 100 solo tackles this year.

Very good point. It is like one had washes the other.
Armour is worth 90-110K 115 Tops

This fixation on 100+ tackles is comical. I for one hope that Moreno doesn't top 100 tackles this year. And to suggest that Zeke will disappear without Armour is also a joke. Look, Jojuan seems like a nice guy, and its refreshing to have a guy that wants to play in black and gold. But at this stage of his career, and the position he plays, you have to be absolutely dominant to justify a six figure salary against a hard salary cap. I wish him the best but the teams future is hardly at stake....

Armour is a good, solid LB! He is a great compliment to Zeke. He is only 32 and playing another 2-3 years would've been fine with me.

We are trying to build a team but we are only letting people go on the defense.

I agree that we shouldn't pay him the money he was asking but you have to keep guys like this around.

We can't replace armour with an "okay bit player, good special teamer, Non-import". You can't win like this. Sometimes if you have talent in an import, you have to make do. We have a CDN at tailback, DE, 4 o-line starters, so we can sprinkle in an import.