Time running out for JoJuan...

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O'Billovich said while he hopes to re-sign Sandy Beveridge and Jykine Bradley, two other prospective free agents, there is more uncertainty surrounding Armour, who finished fourth in the league in tackles last season with 84.

"Right now it doesn't look that positive that we'll be bringing him (Armour) back," O'Billovich said.

The Ticat GM said the emergence of Canadian Ray Mariuz could allow him to start at Armour's outside linebacking spot. That would leave the Cats with the opportunity to start another American on the defensive front, one key area the club is hoping to improve the pass rush.

Armour said yesterday from his Toledo home he wants to return to Hamilton for a third season.

But the 31-year-old four-year Canadian Football League veteran said the Cats haven't made him an offer but rather have given him permission to talk to other teams.

"I don't think the door is completely closed but it isn't looking too good," he said.

Armour said he hasn't spoken with O'Billovich in two weeks and has yet to have a chat with new Tiger-Cat defensive co-ordinator Denny Creehan.

That scenario would leave the door open for Armour to sign with another club after Feb 15.

I hope we have some room for this guy. He is the type of player I thought we wanted around here.

Hope to see you back in '08 JoJuan!

Its pretty obvious the team dosen't want him back. I hope OB is not understimating how difficult it will be to recruit veteran players to come to Hamilton after how badly it turned out for just about every one they've signed over the last couple years...

Armor’s loss would be a tough one for the fans (myself included) to deal with, but don’t underestimate Obie’s ability to deal for some strength along the defensive line. I’m betting he has something in mind. I’m also betting that with his superior football knowledge, he sees some definite value in placing Ray Mariuz (a Canadian)into Armor’s outside linebacking position.

For now, I maintain my faith in Obie to do the right thing.

Something smells off here.

Obie says he would like to have him back but it doesn't look good.

Armour says he would like to be back but hasn't received and offer.

The Article suggest Obie would play Mariuz at OLB in place of Armour to free up an import spot for the DL.

This make no sense to me. Armour is a way better OLB that Mariuz ever will be IMO.

We already have McKay a Canadian play on the DE a non-traditional spot for a home brew. There should be no need to "free up" anything.

If Obie doesn't like Armour and doesn't want him then just come out and say we have decided to go in a different direction, don't make it sound like "have to free up" room, that's an insult to every Ti-Cat fan who knows damn well Armour would be a valuable member of our defense.

These quotes just stink to high heaven. If Obie thinks Mariuz can replace Armour I disagree.

If it's true that the Cats haven't even offered Armour a contract I would be dissappointed. Armour and Moreno were our defense last year...not even offering him a contract if in fact true is a big mistake IMO.


Is it too late for a refund on my tix?

calm down, he obviously see's something in Mariuz that he can at least hold up next year

I just don't understand how you let go of the number 2 tackler in the CFL without making some kind of offer. JoJuan wants to be here to see a TiCat turnaround. He seemed to love being a Cat and I never saw him take a play off. He and Zeke were dynamic together.

So.... what gives? Mariuz may be good and have potential BUT JoJuan is a PROVEN player who has many years left on the meter.

If we lose him, especially to an eastern team, this could really bite us in the backside.

C'mon Obie... keep this man here!!

if Obie is eyeing Canada, i think it will be a good deal. your defense starts with pressure

Somehow I think that in order to know that they would have to MAKE HIM AN OFFER!!

I've ranted on this subject enough, but it's a complete joke. At this point, I can't think of a decent trade we've made in the last 10 years and now we're letting guys just walk away when they are PROVEN. Nothing against Mariuz, I like him, but you don't let a guy like Armour walk away without even making an effort to negotiate with him. Nothing will convince me that this is the right decision.

i would rather see Canada here, no offense to Armour, but i would rather have a good pass rush than linebackers. if he does net find his way here, i would like to see Eddie Davis, Tad Kornegay and Dario Romero. If they don't find there way here, we better have a damn good offense, or pray that our team grew up and came together over the off season


Somehow I think that in order to know that they would have to MAKE HIM AN OFFER!!


OB - What is your client seeking?
Agent - He wont sign for less than $175K
OB - Not a penny less?
Agent - Thats correct
OB - Thanks for your time

The numbers are made up, but that is a way to find out what he wants without making an offer. The fact is, we dont know what discussions have gone on behind closed doors.

If Obie lets this guy walk away without making an attempt to sign him then he's an idiot.....

It's over for armour he'll be somewhere else making plays. Obie should have learned from the mistake from last year. DON'T LIKE THE GOOD ONES GO!!!(the grey cup winners '07 built from Hamilton throw aways)

I know the reason why Armour hasn't been offered. Because they want 3 starting import d-linemen. better pass rush(they feel). That's why they made the trade to Edmington for another Canadian linebacker to back up Mariuz. If it works GREAT. I just don't understand with a D-coordinator that has run a 3-4 in Cal. why not atleast offer Armour if we decide to run a 3-4 here...AT LEAST OFFER. you never know what he'll be willing to take. some players do feel there are more important things than money. Trust me I know

Ray can't hold a Candle to Armour
one is Wrecking Mitchine the is other is Good Special Teams player and back up that it.

Armour says in his Feb. 5th interview with Ken Peters that he hadn't spoken to Obie in two weeks, so they have spoken.
He also says that he's been given permission to talk to other teams, so apparently they did discuss his contract.

Then he's quoted (Armour) as saying that yes he wants a raise but not a large one and that they havn't made him an offer. The conversation went at least as far as Armour saying he wants more money.

With the large money being paid out to Printers and the need to have an abundance available for free agency it can't be a big shock that any raise, whether Jojuan feels it's a bank breaking one or not, isn't going to be discussed beyond the point of a player saying he wants more money.
Not to mention any man demanding a raise when coming off a 3-15 team just has to know it's going to be a gamble.

Personally I'd love to see him back and think it's going to be difficult to replace a guy that even after being out of the playoffs still played like he was in the hunt.
With none of us knowing what Jojuan wants, what his original contract was , what Obie may have planned
or who we're scouting it seems a little premature to predict our doom and lay all the blame at Obie's feet.

He may sign with a new team at midnight or he may end up back here for his current contract, we'll see, but the best player on a 3-15 team doesn't automatically translate into the best on another team.

Als will make an offer to Armour and go after Karkari who supposedly will get released.

Did you mean to say it that way, or did you mean to say I think that Als will make an offer to Armour and I am predicting that they will go after Karikari who supposedly will get released?

If you meant it as you said it, do you have a source?

If it happens I'll bring the post back up and crow.
But if it doesnt then I'll say it was just my opinion.

You have a future in sportswriting Zontar.....your approach is very similar to several sportswriters I could name !