Time outs

The league really needs to review it's rules and how they handle time outs called from the bench. The number of times this year that time outs were called noticeably after the snap of the ball was ridiculous. Several significantly affected the outcome.

They weren't called after the snap. They were called just before the snap and play erroneously continued. Whatever happened is a NON-event, as it simply was NOT a play at all and therefore cannot possibly have any effect on the outcome of the game.

…Hufnagel: “sure don’t like the way this play is developing, better call a time out”

Chamblin: "that ball is going to get picked off, TIME OUT"

Yeah, I sometimes think that timeouts should only be allowed to be called by players on the field and not from the sideline.

Coach will stand right beside the official and time his call just before the snap. Of course by the time the official at the sideline reacts and the signal gets to the players on the field is probably close to 2 seconds.

It appears to be called after the snap, but it is not.