Time Outs

How many Time Outs are there in the CFL. I know it’s 3 for each team in each half of a game. Is it different in the CFL?

I’m asking cuz Toronto got a penity tonight cuz they already “used a timeout” according to the ref. :?

One timeout per half per team

Each team gets one per half.

Then how does the league inteend to use the 90 secord Instand Reply?

though now I know it’s one, I’m now more for the IR now than before.

That has not been desided as far as I know

Maybe just each team gets one per game and it doesn’t cost a timeout if you’re wrong.

Maybe, but if the call is overruled(in their favor) they should not lose the challenge

After all the bad calls in the last few weeks, I say a different catogory is neccery, so I agree, but there needs to be at least 2 or 3 IR calls, not 1

the TO been one is awesome since it doesn’t slow the game down! CFL ROCKS!

but if there is more than 1 IR calls, a 90 sec time limit must appaly in my humble opinion.

Well, For That One Season That The CFL Adopted The IR How Did They Do It?The Way They Should Do It Is The Same As Hockey Or Overtime In The States. Have A Review Booth Go Over Every Play During The Huddle And If There Is Any Question About The Call Stop The Game A Review.