TIME OUT !!!!!

3rd down, With 28 seconds on the clock in the first half and the argos on there own 20. Why didnt the Tiger-cats call time out ? Instead they let the clock run down, Sure we got the blocked punt, Thank God, but if the argos get the punt off there was 2 seconds left, instead of 20 some odd seconds and good field position!!!! This could be costly down the road !!!

The Cats had already used their time out in the first half. According to the play stats they called it 2 plays after the Argos had called theirs.

Argos were going to attempt a field goal and the Cats didn't have enough players on the field so they called a timeout.

If we had a timeout left at the end of the half I agree we should have called it. However I'm pretty happy with the way things turned out on the Argo punt.

I was thinking the same think right before they punted. I didn’t recall them using there time out yet, but like someone stated they must have.