Time management etc.

If Taffe was coaching in the NFL, he'd lose his job on the basis of his time management alone. Inexcuseable!
After 40+ years of watching the CFL, this must be the worst officiating I've ever seen, and I've seen some bad refereeing.
It's too bad that someone didn't tell the Ticat coaching staff, what everyone else knew, the Eskimos would be keying on Lumsden.
Lastly, Maas is a very, very good back-up quarterback.

The fact the team has no hurry-up offense in place (i.e. no-huddle) is absolutely jawdropping. I was stunned by this.

Good thing we have a bye week to get THAT together if anything else.

Oski Wee Wee,

I agree. Poor play selection for the most part. Bad time management and Maas will never lead the Cats to a winning season.
I am beginning to have serious doubts about the coaching staff and some of their decisions.

here we go... sigh

whats that mean? maas has had one good game you cant defend him tat much

Whats that mean??

Here let me explain it... we win everyone is all gaga.. we lose its EITHER a Maas can't cut it thread.. OR I have lost confidence in the COACHING staff... is WHATS THAT MEAN!!!

well when we lose and maas plays bad like every other game ya people are guanna talk. i don't know why you like the guy so much he hasn't done anything

Maas has play real good in most of our losses!!! simple, even the tsn or cbc pannel has said so many times " can't blame this on Maas....... Maas played well......ect "

Hammer town needs to blame someone and they ALLWAYS blame the QB.....ALLWAYS!!!!

It's getting kind of old if you ask me and I for one am sick of the anti maas threads!!!!

or the anti Danny Mac threads before that even!!!!! and some or you plugs want Danny Mac back!!!!!! lmao!! wtf!!!

maas has played well in more than 1 game.everyone knows my support for maas but i think with the oline's lack of blocking and edm's pass rush it would have been a good time to get a faster qb (chang) into the game.
but i don't think still these problems are all on maas and like the first two games if the oline breaks down then we're ineffective.