Time-keeping in BC

I know the time-keeping in BC is notoriously, er, unique, but I've been wondering about something late in last night's game.

Twice while BC had the ball in the last 3 minutes they completed passes and the player ran out of bounds. Yet, according to the TSN on-screen clock, on both occasions the clock started when the ref wound the play clock.

Now I know the TSN clock is not official, but if they started it wrong on that play, they just fix it for the next...that never happened on either occasion, so I assume it more or less jived with the official time clock.

Is this a rule change, because it has always been that inside of 3 minutes of each half, a play ending out of bounds meant the game clock for the next play started on the snap. That's why players tried to get out of bounds.

Did anyone else notice this?

The rule book still show as time will start on the snap of the ball

I thought the clock always stopped when someone went out of bounds, regardless of how much time is left?

It does but the difference is that before the 3 minute warning the ref spots the ball and starts the clock......After the warning it starts on the snap.

I'm impressed! :wink:

At least that's what's supposed to happen.

The TSN clock is NOT the Stadium clock. If they guy at TSN falls asleep......

BC Place has a new clock this year.

For you conspiracy addicts, you'll like this. The clock runs, even when there is advertisements being shown.

Do,do,do,do,do,do, do.....who knows how many seconds elaps while "Drinking Coca Cola" :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yeah, I know this. But I also know how much time (within a few seconds) there should be.

When the TSN guy falls asleep for a play or two, they normally reset the TSN clock back to the correct time. What I found odd here was that "reset" never happened, leading me to believe that the TSN time was in keeping with the real time....hence my question.

why does the clock wind when the ball is placed on an out of bounds vs when it is snapped-- logic would make sense at the snap--- it would make for some teams trying to run plays to preserve time and make the ends even more exciting

It's only in the last three minutes that the clock doesn't start until the snap after going out of bounds. I noticed the clock moving as well, but knew it was just the TSN clock and figured they'd adjust it. Also, I figured it was possible that TSN was allowing the clock to roll in order to bring it into line with the official time.

I heard that the scoreboard clock at BC Place is not synchronized with the official clock. Sportsmen, you say they have a new clock; has the stadium made the leap into the 1980s and rectified that?