Time is up!

Shivers is 72 years old...

Ive been a Popp fan and defender, but if he doesnt want to be here, he doesn`t want to be here. We are all entitled to our choices in life.

He apparently only wants to commit to 2014 and 2015, so I would not extend him. Let 2014 be his final year. As for potential replacements, there are Asst. G.M.s John Murphy in Calgary and Brock Sunderland in Ottawa, both of whom have worked for the Als. And here at home there is Popp`s right hand man Joey Abrams.

Popp has obviously been a big part of the Als rebirth, but no one is irreplaceable and life will go on for both Popp and the Als.

Exactly, sheldon. If Popp won't extend beyond 2015, don't extend him. Force him to hire a head coach, let him ride out the 2014 season as GM, and find his replacement a year from now. Pull off the band-aid sooner rather than later.

:thup: :thup:

Well it looks like Mark Nelson`s time is up and that we are going to lose him and his great head of hair to the RedBlacks.

[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/2013/12/10/next-up-ottawa-redblacks-assistants]http://www.ottawasun.com/2013/12/10/nex ... assistants[/url]

This is becoming an absolute joke. The Als need to get their house in order because this is unacceptable.
Why don't we have an open house and let Toronto,Ottawa and whatever team come and choose any coach , player, GM, Secretary they want. I hear Lalonde bought an expensive phone system, maybe they can take that off our hands too.

Assistants of all CFL teams can sign with another team, particularly if it is a promotion. Even if a coach is signed for 2014,it does not matter.

The REGBLACKS should/will also sign offensive line coach of Calgary as their Offensive Coordinator.

Chris Jones,Mike O'Shea and Campbell are all examples. The Als are not alone.


Bullshiat ! A contract is a contract and you must get permission from the team holding the contract to speak to an employee under contract in any league.

It is highly hypocritical to complain about the Als allowing other teams to talk to out assistant coaches to offer them promotions, and at the same time complain about Jim Barker not allowing the Als to talk to one of his assistants for the same purpose. Can't have it both ways gang.

It is called professional courtesy. As long as it is "possible" without harming your business you should allow employees mobility but there comes a point where you have to weigh the employees request against the well being of the organization. We've reached this thresh hole not just IMO but to any logical fan. The Als have admitted that the plan is for Thorpe to succeed Popp in the near future and at this point because of the impasse with Popp, he is a candidate for HC NOW! That means that Nelson is the logical candidate to replace Thorpe and this could happen as early as in the coming days. So for the Roughriders to go to the papers and discuss Mark Nelson who is under contract with the Als while Ottawa is reviewing our draft list is pretty unprofessional.

Since you point out the Argos. It proves the point that it is the employing team who has the right of refusal.

Exactly. Allowing another team to interview one of your coaches is a professional courtesy. It is not mandatory. Teams refuse to make coaches available all the time, probably a lot more frequently than we know. It is insane that we're letting our coaching staff get raided when we are in a very precarious state. The organization's well-being comes first.

I totally agree.

That said, though, then we can't complain about Barker doing what we should have done, because it's hypocritical.

I blame Popp and not Barker; Barker was within his rights to deny us permission to talk to one of his assistants; Popp should similarly have refused to allow Ottawa to speak to Nelson.. . I'm going to hate losing him (Nelson I mean, not Popp).

Bien que je trouve le point de vue de MadJack d'une logique assez implacable, je partage certains des points de vue discordants qui ont été exprimés.

Premièrement, pourquoi avoir annoncé que les entraîneurs revenaient s'il n'était pas acquis qu'ils revenaient. Ça fait plutôt boboche comme annonce.

Deuxièmement, les Alouettes sont en reconstruction et la seule unité qui fonctionnait bien vient d'être amputée d'un excellent entraîneur. Cela veut dire que Popp doit trouver un entraîneur-chef (si ce n'est pas lui-même), un coordonnateur à l'attaque, un entraîneur des quarts ET un entraîneur des secondeurs. Si les Alouettes étaient particulièrement ferrées du côté de ses entraîneurs, le départ de Nelson ne me causerait pas tant de malaise. Mais comme les Alouettes sont dans une position fâcheuse du côté des entraîneurs, une certaine stabilité à la seule unité qui va bien aurait été préférable.

Troisièmement, il semble que la capacité de piger allègrement dans les entraîneurs des autres équipes se soit exercée davantage chez les Alouettes que chez les autres équipes depuis 3 saisons. Les Alouettes seraient-ils devenus les pourvoyeurs de personnel de l'ensemble de la ligue? Les Alouettes sont-ils devenus les Expos de la LCF?

C'est clair que l'équipe travaille présentement sur le repêchage d'expansion et c'est là mettre ses efforts immédiats au bon endroit. Mais il va falloir que Popp se déniaise sérieusement après ce repêchage. Il a toutes ces embauches à faire et 19 agents libres avec qui négocier.

Je suis dubitatif en regardant ce que Popp fait et ce qu'il ne fait pas depuis quelques saisons. J'ai parfois l'impression qu'il saborde sa propre barque à l'occasion, ce qui nuit non seulement à l'équipe mais également à ses chances de réaliser son rêve d'avoir un poste dans la NFL. Personne ne regardera de son côté.

Je vais voir comment les choses vont évoluer, mais je n'aime pas ce que je vois, et j'ai l'impression ressentir exactement ce que je ressentais il y a 15 ans avec le club de hockey, alors que j'ai été convaincu qu'on me prenait pour une tarte. Pour le club de hockey, je ne m'étais pas trompé.

Awesome post LeStaf !

I feel the same. It brings back memories of the Skalbania and Joe Galat era as well as the Expos Brochu a foins managemen
t and Houle imcompetence all rolled into one. There is a selfish aura around Popp the last few years. I am more an more convinced that the Als need to go into a new direction.

Eww, wash your mouth out with soap!

I think we all are, HfxTC.

Hawkins equal or less than Galat IYO ? I'm thinking he was even a worse coach than Galat !

Hard to say; Hawkins only lasted 5 games; Galat had 62 games to prove his incompetence (with a 19-41 record).

You could also add Gary Durchik to that list; 22 games coached with a 6-14 record.

You`re spoiling my lunch with mention of Skalbania, Durchik, Galat, but Galat was actually hired by George Allen:

[url=http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1946&dat=19820313&id=5PwuAAAAIBAJ&sjid=76QFAAAAIBAJ&pg=1660,843647]http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1 ... 660,843647[/url]

According to RDS, the ball has been in Wetenhall's court since last Wednesday. Meanwhile, all the qualified OCs are being snapped up by other teams. Wetenhall, time to poo-poo or get off the pot...

That's a long time to be laying over a barrel. Feel sorry for him. The way he treated Jim. I think he deserved better.