Time is up!

All the HC positions are now filled. The rush for experienced coordinators is started. Als need to sort their shiat out...

I agree. If we don't have the coaching situation finalized by the end of next week, I will have completely lost faith in Popp...

Me too. I'm almost at the point where I'd think of bringing in George Cortez as head coach/offensive coordinator, Thorpe and Nelson can run the defence without any need for Cortez to get involved at all on that side of the ball, and if Popp doesn't like it too bad.

Well its not so much Popp but its Thorpe and Nelson who end up losing out. These guys stayed with the premise of the HC and DC position coming to them. But like I've said all the assistants are signed by Popp. He's holding W&W over a barrel. The most cost effective solution is to have Popp returned, he knows it. He's just sitting on his position and they will give in. Once they do, we have to hope that one of Lapolice,Chapdelaine is interested in the job and not already employed. Jason Maas won't leave his buddy Ray to come to Montreal that leaves Khari Jones who is being interviewed in Winnipeg as we speak and then we drop to obscure guys like Mike Kelly, Marcel Bellefeuille and Danny Barrett.

No matter how this shakes out we won't be in great shape on the offensive side of the ball. Once free agency opens up we'll know the true feeling of the players on Popp as a HC.

I"ve seen Mike Kelly described in many ways, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen him described as “obscure”

I was trying to be nice :wink:

How about this? We hire Cortez as HC + OC with the understanding that he has a two-year mandate to rebuild the offense while grooming an up-and-comer (Calvillo?) to eventually take the OC reins. At the end of two years, Cortez steps into the GM role just as Popp's contract expires, Thorpe becomes HC, and Nelson becomes DC.

I can live with that !

Well right now Popp has one year left and from the Hamilton experience George is the last thing from a GM you could find.

There is Maciocia who went to interview for the Ottawa HC job. He keeps saying he's not looking but he keeps going to interviews LOL !

In my scenario, we'd give Popp his two-year contract but hire Cortez as HC/OC.

and from the Hamilton experience George is the last thing from a GM you could find.
Huh? As I remember it, Hamilton didn't fail because Cortez couldn't find talent. They failed because he made some understandable rookie mistakes as HC, and mostly because of Creehan and his D that couldn't ever stop anybody.

You have to think that a guy with Cortez's history, age, and background would have a rich network of contacts down south and could be a good recruiter.

I would like Scott Flory as the next GM.

Flory? What qualifies him to be a GM? Maybe if he spends five years as a scout, we can talk. He has no connections down south and no experience in management. Making him GM would be a disaster IMO.

Quel genre de contacts Scott a-t-il dans le monde du football, spécialement aux USA?

L'idée d'amener Cortez comme entraîneur-chef et coordonnateur à l'attaque me plairait assez, si Cortez avait assez de contacts pour assumer le poste de DG si Popp et les Alouettes n'arrivaient pas à s'entendre.

Il a fait des erreurs de débutants (Trestman en fait présentement dans la NFL), mais c'est surtout sa défensive qui lui a causé des maux de tête. Avec une défensive solide, ils aurait probablement été de la dernière partie à Toronto.

Le problème, c'est de trouver la formule pour l'attirer, parce qu'une entente d'un an plus une année d'option n'est pas exactement une bonne nananne.

Est-ce que Tom Higgins est un gars qui a de bons contacts dans le vaste monde du football?

You don't need contacts in the US. Wally Buono, Brendan Taman have never had "contacts" in the States. You have a scouting department for that. Now its nice to have but its not a must have. Flory was an academic stalwart, he's an Engineer. He's well liked. He lives in Montreal. Has contacts throughout the CFL having played over 10 years.

Not especially but he was a fair to good General Manager. He's hated in Edmonton for firing Don Matthews and taking his job. He's one of those "opportunists" like Kelly and Bellefeuille.

Yes, you do. Wally may not have had them himself, but he's always surrounded himself with people who did (e.g. Roy Shivers). He's also the exception that proves the rule. Taman had done nothing in this league until this year, when the Riders went out and bought their Grey Cup team. You look at Hufnagel, Barker, Austin, and even Hervey (with Jones as HC) and you can see the degree to which being plugged into the US scene matters.

If Flory is willing to work for a few years as a scout, I'd have no problem with him being GM down the line (Hervey followed this same path). On that front, Uzoma Okeke might be a better GM choice in the here and now.

I completely forgot about Uzoma... I would have no issue with that choice either.

and yes Roy Shivers is part of your scouting department. That's the key, does not mean the GM has to run around all year scouting.

But we don't have a Roy Shivers in our scouting department.

And the Lions may no longer have a Roy Shivers either:

The coaching carousel to fill out the staff of the B.C. Lions has been spun earlier than normal this year, but the pace of a player personnel project being undertaken by the CFL team could result in changes by the end of the month.

General manager Wally Buono isn’t offering many details, but as part of a carefully-planned transition, the Lions will soon make alterations as to how talent is evaluated and recruited.

The current blueprint is an expanded role and title change for personnel co-ordinator Neil McEvoy and reduced role for personnel director Roy Shivers. Buono met this week with Ryan Rigmaiden, who has scouted for the Lions while serving as general manager of the Arena League’s Spokane Shock, and also wants to improve the flow of scouting information.

“Part of what I’m trying to do is build a slightly different organization, and if that means we have to reshuffle the deck a little, we will,? Buono said.

Buono commissioned former GM Mike McCarthy to scout some NFL training camps this season and also spoke to Joe Womack, who has done personnel work for several CFL clubs. The hope is to have a better line on available prospects knowing that Stefan Logan and Chris Wilson won’t be out of NFL work every year.

“The old methods are becoming less adequate,? said Buono. “There’s no NFL Europe. Access to information is becoming more limited. You can still go to NFL camps and do your own (free-agent) camps, but we have to look at how we can expand ourselves with limited resources. You got to be able to access technology.?