time is now for cheerleaders

Camps are over, draft completed,cuts are made, now we get down to the real action............ CHEERLEADERS.

Each week on tsn or live action lets vote on the best looking girls of the CFL.At the end we'll select the best/moving/dressed cheerleaders in the CFL.. I,ll be the JUDGE >>First prize is a trip for 1to Vegas ,to have dinner with CELINE????????? BEST of luck to all....................

Good thread. Should talk about the ladies on the sidelines...

Who made the cut? Who didn't? Those chorus line kicks should be pretty high...


football isn't about Cheerleaders.

TSN shouldn't do a thing.

I honestly haven't ever seen a cheerleader that wasn't gorgeous and athletic. I wouldn't want to have to single one out.

Anyone else thinking maybe Brian was drinking while making this post...? :smiley:

Holy buzzkill batman

Ah ha pitching the trois or cat or more Vegas style? :lol:

I came to this link perhaps like many hoping for a link to some fine photos? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nothing wrong with fine photos :smiley:

The argos cheerleaders aren't very good looking, looks like the chose talent over looks :lol:

Posting pictures would be great .Remember this yearly contest is for the whole cheerleading team. History shows that cheerleading goes back to the begining of football Chief relax?? Have one for me. Now lets get this rolling this afternoon...

I doubt I could be more relaxed. :smiley:

this thread is useless without pics/videos, i think every cfl cheerleading team needs to post weekly videos and have bikini pics, also the winner will be decided by a jello wrestling contest involving me as the referee.

I second this motion for this to be not only a strong recommendation but actual site policy! 8) Except a different contest ought be held for the right to be referee of course. And for various variations of mattress Twister too! Great one Weezy! :thup:

I agree. The CFL is about including everyone, so there's no reason not to do something for the ladies on the sidelines.