Time for Zach Collaros

Masoli has shown his best, and it has come up lacking. Poorly thrown balls, intentional grounding, time count violations, and running backwards into long sacks should put the final nail into his coffin for him being our starter.

Losing the season series to the blew team pretty much kills our playoff hopes. My opinion is that it's time to see what Collaros can do with this offence. There is no longer any excuse for him not playing.

He has shown he is a decent backup. He can come in and relieve a struggling qb and get a few wins. He can come in when a starter goes down to injury and give the team a chance to win. He can be a backup.
He will be traded to a contender for playoff insurance. Collaros and Manziel will go to training camp vying for the starting job.

double tap

Next game is in WPG on Friday, Is it Collaros time?

I sure hope so. Much as I like Masoli I've never been entirely satisfied with him as a starting QB and Zach standing on the sidelines when Zach is overall the better QB.

It is but I doubt it happens. I see Collaros style and possibilities as like Tom Clements. I see Masoli as a Todd Dillon. Serviceable and get you some wins but will never win the big one!

With the trade Deadline Coming Oct. 11th Collaros may be done in Hamilton. This Organization is so screwed up it isn't funny.
We are Auditioning 25 new players every year. Haven't developed a QB in a very long time
How to they expect to build a winner ?
Ever wonder why Edmonton , Calgary etc. are yearly contenders.
It's not hard to figure out.
We haven't Stuck with and developed a young QB in a very long time. And what Does Hamilton do, They Screw over the Most Prominent young QB That's come to this Franchise in a very long time.
It's Mind Boggling.

You are expecting this from the same Coach that started CJ Gable over Alex Green??

I agree put Zach back in.

With the play calling we have I feel Zach will get back to his old form, the offence is a balanced attack with Gable having 18 touches tonight,

The oline has played really well Washington and Matthews have made a big difference at the tackle position

CJ Gable - 18 carries, 157yrds, 2 TD's

Haven't developed a QB in a long time? And we talk about getting rid of Zack before giving him a shot under the new offence? Insane!!!! Zack is that guy! Got to see what he can do now. The moment has arrived. If it doesn't happen, this organization is truely screwed up!

Agreed we are screwed up.but Zach is as good as gone.

Coach made the right call, even neglecting the amazing game that CJ had. I would have made the same call.

With just 1 more game before the trade deadline, there's no way playing Collaros in WPG makes any sense. While I'd be surprised if Collaros was traded before the deadline, because I don't see another team being willing to take on his contract, I think we can be absolutely sure no team would be trading for him if he got injured in WPG. The week after, if Mazoli doesn't have his best game of the year, against the Bombers, would be the time to see how Zach performs, working with the changes that have been put in place since Jones took over.

I agree, I cannot see us trading him to MTL as we play them 2 more times this year.
BC or SSK maybe,but after OCT 12 @ 4PM he is with us until the end of the season.
Their could be a strong market for Franklin also, but he is a F/A in Feb. 2018

Who can trade for the highest paid player in the league at this point?
If a qb gets traded it will be masoli to someone, for several reasons.....he is affordable, provides insurance to a team with playoffs coming, he can win off the bench, he is a FA after the season.
Collaros gets a training camp with a new coach and manziel to compete with.

I agree completely.

I have to agree they have not developed a young quarterback for ages but let's face it. Collarus's record is abismal. He never showed even a desire to win since his injury. Sorry he is mediocre at best.

The team still has a mathematical chance to reach the playoffs. So Masoli starts the game in Winnipeg and stinks the joint out. You're saying there's "no way" bringing Collaros into the game makes any sense?
Are you saying sending Golson in as the backup and not Collaros gives the team a better chance to get the win and keep playoff possibilities alive?

If that happens, then I foresee Zach asking for an outright release. His salary is guaranteed, and another team will snap him up instantly.