Time for trade talks with Toronto...

Been thinking at what we need to make a run and we need some experience, size and leadership in our defensive backfield.

I wonder if Toronto needs help at the receiver position, their season is done and they have a couple 30 year old DB's in Parker and Shell. Either of those two guys could help us a lot on our run. Parker for Watkins ?

12 days to trade deadline...

He he he, i'm sure TO would like nothing less than a full team trade, including the head coach. :wink: so would ssk.

thanks for beating the peg argos but i guess the magic couldn't last against the ticats. if we let this next game slip away then heads might roll.

ticats-peg friday night. kinda rooting for hammy there so we can take sole possession of first. they have a shot since they're at home and playing well lately.

i like Parker if only because we share the same birthday. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Watkins is still a primo receiver but with Richardson and Green signed and the emergence of London, we won't be able to get him the touches he will want and Toronto needs a reliable 1000 yard receiver badly.

I like Parker too :slight_smile:

Funny, I was thinking about a trade earlier today.

I was thinking, since we aren't sold on either Guzman or Emry at MLB, I wonder. . . could we, should we, make a deal with the Riders to get Shomari Williams? They aren't using him, he has skill, and I was thinking maybe we could convert him to MLB.

Not a bad one for sure, but I see that as more of a long term vision trade. I don't know that would give us immediate help. Also we have Dublanko a really powerfull inside LB that is being developed.

Let's bring Copeland back for old times sake!! I wonder what it would take to get Owens back? I agree give me Parker, Shell, Younger or Pile anyday! Im sure Ricky Foley would do a great job here to.

Watkins for Parker or Shell would be a good deal for both sides, but I doubt it happens. Popp doesn't usually trade veterans at this point in the season.

true enough. However the team has been solidly in 1st place the past couple of years and really did not have a need to make any changes. This year they have been hampered by injuries and find themselves in a dog fight.
Always time for a first re Popp trading a veteran before end of the season.

Well, to quote Duane Forde, "yah absolutely." I was thinking of Shomari Williams as a longterm project. The Riders don't seem to want to use him, and I do think his skill set just might be a good fit for a switch to MLB.

As for moving Watkins for Shell and/or Parker, I'd sure give that serious consideration were I to be the GM. We could use a stud or two in the secondary, and as it is, Watkins (along with Bratton and London) doesn't get that many passes anyway. We have depth at receiver and need it in the secondary; the Argos need receivers desperately. .. so it does make some sense.