Time for the Bomber board of directors to act!

How long will it take for the board to put a stop to the way this team's operates. Maybe the board needs to look at itself (ie) it's President and CEO. Just as in business (which this is), At the end of the day he is responsible for the product that ends up on the field. Players, coaching staff have changed many times in the last 15 years. In my opinion its like a "its ok to lose while we still make ends meet" kind of culture. It takes a big person to admit mistakes and poor decisions, but you have to root cause and try to correct. For example, 3 head coaches all say Kevin Glenn is the man. 2 have been fired and the third is on brink. Lyle been around a long time and I feel he has lost the vision or the passion of what it takes to be a part of a winning Blue Bomber team. Who allows a trade of 2 allstars two weeks in a row depending on the outcome of a game??? Is that whats best for the team or just desparation..? Taman is now just a pawn in this team's trouble. He should have been removed with Richie's firing. Bomberville is in trouble and this must be outrageous to Asper seeing core players traded like this. There's a football man with passion who bleeds blue and gold. Wait til he takes over, then I know you'll see some public fireworks then.

iunno about you but i love roberts i still don't like the trade but smith is a good back. just fixed a problem that didn;t need fixing and he looked very good against the riders.

and the canada moreno trade is something that had to happen. maybe not for canada but simpson is out all year, and both lobendahn and charlton went down hard and are going to be sidelined the next few weeks. moreno is a beast at middle and i am happy to have him. i like this trade with the addition of kai ellis. and well chances are simpson weren;t going to be in blue and gold anyway so this solves that problem

If you are waiting for this sorry group who sit on the board to act. You may be waiting till doomsday. They are an incompetant bunch. Who only take orders from Bauer and Asper. Now that the Tom Canada trade has fallen thru it is time to fire Taman. The whole trade has turned into a disgrace. It may be years before we have a winning team as this bunch that are running the team have no idea on the direction to go. We have a useless coach, who does not appear to know that we need a better quarterback. Asper turning the team around. Don't count on it. He sat on the board for many years with this useless bunch and is no better. They should all be sent packing. There are talented personel in the CFL to pick from to lead the Bombers. But who is going to make the final decision of who we want. The same BODs that got us into this mess ??

Everyone needs to quit whining about Taman. What's the guy done wrong?

In the off-season he signed not one or two, but ALL the free agents we were praying he would.
We were all expecting big things from Kevin Glenn upon his return from a busted wing following a season where he was nominated for Most Outstanding Player.
Serna went 7 for 7 out of the gate and looked like a good find. Sure he fell into the dumpster, but seems to have crawled out, at least as far as his kicking goes. Coaches have been pretty happy with his punting too.

Charlie was NOT playing like we all know he can. Did you SEE what Freddy did out there? Reminded me of Charlie when Charlie was at his best. And having Joe Smith is nothing but a good thing. I don't know about you, but I was thrilled with the way the offense played on Sunday, against the BEST defense in the league. 31 points shoulda been enough!

We were in desperate need of a quality middle-linebacker. So what did Taman do? Only went out and got IMO, the best one in the league.

So, sure, I'm disappointed the way the season has gone, but sometimes this happens. It certainly is NOT Taman and the Boards fault. That's nuts.

No its berry fault. he doesn't have the respect of his players, and in turn his players won;t play for him. I think with both the roberts and canada trade there is more to it then just a lack of production or to fix a problem. I also believe that they kept a few pages on the running game closed until they did can roberts because they ran some stuff that wasn;t there before.

I agree that Taman has done a pretty good job at GM got us to the cup a few times, made some good trades, signed some ok free agents. but i don't see him winning us a cup anytime soon. thats what a GM's job is to. to build a team that can win the cup and i just don't see taman doing it.

I agree to a point. I don't buy into the whole 'I don't like the coach, so I ain't gonna play well' thing. If some players are like that, then they need to pack up and get out.
Do you honestly believe the coaches tried to screw Charlie?? "they keep a few pages on the running game close until the did can roberts"

Everyone in this organization wants to win. There is NO way Lyle Bauer would tolerate/employ anyone that isn't committed to winning.

I don't agree with everything that has happened this year but geeez...

The GM's job is to put the talent on the field. The coaching staff have to utilize it properly. Cartwright needs to go. If things don't turn around by the end of the season, then fire Berry. I don't think the middle of the season is the right time to fire the head coach

Maybe it is time the board is changed. Elect people who acually care about the Bombers who are not scrared to make changes. Start a movement. Perhaps people from this forum could run.

i do think charlie was set up a bit there kubie. although berry praised him after the trade. they made an offensive system that called for a power back, and asked roberts to be what he is not. and i did see some ground work that wasn't there all season.
and yes i agree that players have to do that if they won't play for the coach. but trust that was the problem with my high school team. we had 14 provinicial teams players (aka alot of talent) but no one liked the coach and the team just never formed together because of it.

Last thing Taman should do is give Stegall his release so he can sign on with a Grey Cup contender. Poor Milt, one of the greatest to never get a Grey Cup Ring.

The key phrase is. To build a team that can win the cup and I just don't see Taman doing it.

I somewhat agree about Roberts, but was it really a system change, or just the fact that Roberts wasn't performing like in the past ? And with Reid and Smith the running game just got a lot more well rounded than it was before.

Things have to change, they can't stay static forever. Some players have longer careers than others, that's just the way it is.

Just look at the players we got in the trade, last years leading rusher and last years best line backer, it's not like Taman got fleeced or anything.

Both players should make a positive contribution to a unit that had stagnated and was stinkin it out. And that's the GM's job, when the coach says get me new guys, he gets the best available. Kai Ellis is no slouch either, but the Als d-line has been one of the best this year and there just wasn't room for him.

All three of these guys are probably the best players that were available right now, so how can you fault Taman ?

imo, Berry is being given the task of cleaning up this mess, as he should have from day 1. He wanted to release some guys back then, because he saw that their work ethic and attitude was questionable.

Management just needs to let the coach worry about putting a winner on the field and change their own "country club" mentality.