Time for some perspective after the first game.

Should we be concerned.....yes...but it's only the first game.

Are there area for improvement...of course...good to see them in the first game.

Will the Ticats be an improved game against Montreal next week...yes...this was only the first game.

Will we remember this game when we are in the Grey Cup...maybe...because it's only the first game.

IMO Let's see what happens in the next game, if we loose badly, and those players being quesitoned have not stepped up their game, then become concerned. Not until we are O-4 (not that I think we will be this season) should we start saying anyone should be cut. These guys are a new team and need time to gel on the field. I'm still optimistic that we are Grey Cup bound.

Why? It's only the first game!

My Two Cents

Penalties and our Defensive secondary are our big problems ........

Good perspective there Jare.

I think we've got a team absolutely loaded with the right tools.....some good game planning this week, work on discipline and we'll be ok I believe.

Coaches will probably be relieved to start working on another team other than the Argos for a change. (however, as we know, the Alouettes are a force).....but we can beat them!

I'm looking for a huge win for us at home next week.!

Oskee Wee Wee!

The time to act is right now, the 'D' is just the same as last year. There are 6 QB's out there that will 'Eat Us Raw'.

Our Defense Front line is solid it is the secondary that needs work as has been said by others on this thread and by me in another one. I do think the secondary will improve however that being said I think a couple tweeks need to be made at a couple spots and they will be better next game. Penalties is the major issue with yesterday that needs to be fixed right away this can't wait. A few calls yesterday I thought were marginal and the Refs were just being tight nosed and things but some were legit. The legit ones need immediate correction

For me the perspective is we definately weren't out of this game, and we were on the road. A couple of breaks and a little better execution and discipline and we may have one.

I think we were all a little pumped after the pre-season sparring matches.

Prespective aside, my biggest concerns are on defence. We need more pressure and a little better coverage. TO does not have the best O-Line, although I would cut the DBs some slack, because they have probably the best receivers out there. We all know that TO has one of the best defenses and is tough to go deep against. Maas did throw some wobbling passes. I hope its due to the new stitches on the ball. It also appears that we did not make good adjustments at half time. This is primarily coaching.

This team will compete with the best this year, and will get some breaks. Keep at it Ti-Cats.

Jonesie is right in the fact that we weren't out of the game it was there for the taking. I still think that instead of Jason throwing the ball instead of running out of bounds after the Cox interception falls in the execution category.

Guys it's going to be ok there is nothing to worry bout.

WE were not out of the game but their #1 qb was out .Don't we remember when our # 1 went down.
We should have played a lot better with their # 2 qb in. If damon was in the whole game we would be having a lot different discusion today.