Time for Scott Mitchell to step down

Every part of this team has been replaced since Scott Mitchell took over the team. From GM to jock straps and this team is in worst shape then it was a year ago. Under his watch he's meddled in football affairs fired the GM replaced him with a 70 year old. His coach tried to bail after hiring failed coordinators, his best player is sitting on the bench, his scouting dept his the weakest in the league and the team has more holes in the lineup, has allowed more points then a year ago (184 vs 178) then it had a year ago and less fans in the seats.

Scott Mitchell should do the right thing and step down.

DO you believe that Desjardins should have been kept on? This isn't Obie's mess. In fact he's brought in several good prospects who need to be re-signed. Yes the team on a whole is still terrible. It's not a one season fix for "the 70 year old" as you call him. I think some fans should just step down and save us all, themselves included, alot of aggravation.

So you get rid of SM and then what? hire a new president, GM and coach and then expect the team to improve in a week?

HfxTC: I'll take a "70 year old" Obie any day if I have to rebuild my team.
You've picked the wrong target with Scott Mitchell. Try looking at who's responsible on the field.

Who is the best player sitting on the bench?
Injured or benched??