Time for printers to step up

It's time for printers to step up or step out...I gave him gave the benefit of doubt..but now its time, no bigger game then friday..what does everyone think?

Yeah, this is big. It's either 1-4 which I think would be the beginning of another downward spiral, or it's 2-3 with cause for optimism.

I think the D needs to step more than Casey does.

Casey has managed a pretty good offence. Yes, he and the O can be better, but right now we need the D to stop their share of drives.

Printers has shown some flashes of his old self early in the season. He's shown an ability to get out of trouble when the pocket collapses and improvise, and he's got a strong accurate arm. I think he's still a little rusty after spending so much time on the bench in the NFL. I'm not ready to throw him to the wolves, but he has been decidedly mediocre the last two games. The Calgary game in particular, he looked more like Jason Maas than a former league MVP. I think he'll come around, look for a good game from Printers on Friday.

It’s tough to make many plays

when you have to dodge meteorites
as soon as you receive the snap.

Calgary players were firing
in from all over the place.

Agree 100%.

Another great point. Agreed.

Why is it that so many people have no clue what's going on on the field?

"Printers needs to be replaced....don't sign Lumsden next year if he asks for too much money...get rid of Zeke Moreno, he isn't himself this year.....NML is brutal, time to send him packing." WTF is going on around here? It's very simple....the problem is LACK OF SUPPORTING CAST! Not the ability of our best players.

If Dyakowski starts instead of Cavka, Printers will hev pressure in his face all night. I'm not sure Dyakowski would even be a backup on most teams.