Time for Ottawa to #FIRELAPO

Should have happened after the first BYE WEEK

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Read in the Sun they maybe waiting to be technically eliminated from the playoffs .

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blah blah blah is what we have been hearing all f&cking season long and the Loses keep pilling up. We want him gone BEFORE the next game. Cant coach his ass out of a wet paper bag.

Btw............... we did see him heading to the stadium

like the new icon .

The thing is, is that he is HC and OC
Would have to fill both positions
I feel for you guys, zero home wins is really tough on Season seat holders
I'm sure they have been very vocal about whether they will be re-newing for next season and nothing gets the attention of the executive better than those people


Losing Masoli so early in the season was a huge blow. That said, LaPo doesn't seem like head coach material. Bright guy, good track record as OC, but not the person you want running the whole show.


Pretty good read here

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copy paste it and use all over social media
we want LaPoDick gone like the wind

The R/B's have lost 21 of their last 22 games at home! :face_with_spiral_eyes:


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from today's article ..

probably the most glaring point that the game itself is very mismanaged .

There’s this: On the final play of the first half — on their 49-yard line — Redblacks starting quarterback Nick Arbuckle kneeled down. They were down by 12 points. They had no momentum. Try something. Throw the ball deep, hope for a pass-interference call. Look for something, anything. Oh, and there’s this. Before kneeling, the Redblacks called a timeout. Huh? So much has to be under the microscope as their slim playoff hopes took another another punch to the gut.


Looks like there is a closed door meeting going on at TD Place :rofl:

OSEG Meeting LaPoDick


I think you might see a change after the west trip.

It's been a bad season .

At least the RB's should give their fans the new look helmets for the rest of the season .

If you are going out of regular season relevance at least look good doing it .

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Justin Dunk said that Paul LaPolice is done in Ottawa. Apparently, the team is willing to go a different direction despite them still having to pay LaPolice for the 2023 season.

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yea just heard that on the 3DN podcast, apparently they’re just waiting til end of year, but it’s still possible it could still happen sooner.

I’ve been to every home game. Some of his decisions left me and those sitting nearby scratching our heads.
He won’t be there next season.

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he shouldn’t be there right now. i think the only reason he hasn’t been already turfed is simply because he’s also OC, and lack of suitable replacement other than maybe DC Benny.

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thats what all the gangs in L.A. are calling for

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